Trump’s Message To All Haters…

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  1. I mistakenly gave Zonga a ‘like’. Actually, PDJT fights back with the quickest, hardest punch he has, then it’s over for him…let the chips fall where they may.

    JoMika are upset bc PDJT wrote the truth…they are not able to handle that, hence more name-calling–that’s all they know how to retaliate! So sad.

  2. The left has become so totally deranged I don’t see anyway back to any kind of normality without some blood being spilled! It ain’t gonna be pretty when the shit hit the fan.

  3. There’s a couple memes floating around with the same caption that I think is really clever. “The Democrat Party Died With JFK”.
    Now we all know the Democrats have never been who they say they are but to any Libtard JFK is Christ like. They shut up and curl up into a little ball when you mention this to them.

  4. Jethro

    Absolutely NO denial. I’m sure medical records and credit card receipts could place them right where DJT said they were. Just crying and Donny Douchebag, that big tough guy, challenging Trump to a fight.

  5. He needs to fill 559 government posts that require Senate confirmation. Only 39 of those have been confirmed in the Senate, and 442 have yet to have a name announced. Maybe he doesn’t want to fill them all, that’s fine, tweet me about it or something.

    It’s time for fun crushing bugs to stop. Trump needs to get his political appointees in place, like minded people who will advance his agenda.

    Going after news networks is fine with me, but what’s next, is he going to go after the cows on The View? These TV entertainment personalities are nonentities.

  6. Zonga, of course you make a valid point, but on the other hand the media and the libs, as well as the rinos are spending so much effort on Trump’s Tweets they are missing the fact that he is still getting a lot done. If they didn’t have tweets to occupy them they would be looking much closer at what is getting done and being more critical and destructive to it. I say tweet on!

  7. The political media (and who isn’t, anymore?) is so butthurt that the President creates his own media weather, they can’t stand it. How dare he!! How dare Trump create his own news?! As Mika said, “We tell the people what to think! That’s our job!”

    For all you who worry the President isn’t “Presidential” when he tweets or that he’s wasting time that he could be spending doing other things: Trump gets more done before the rest of the country has had its first cup of coffee than any dozen Presidents who worried about appearing Presidential. It’s about time the country focused on the lopsided, creepy doings of the media and their unhinged megalomania. Most of the “news” today is all about themselves. Zucker is right, it’s all about the ratings.

  8. When Trump does this it is his version of “SQUIRREL!!!”
    It’s the red herring that distracts the leftists from focusing and doing real damage to him, or so he can get real work done without them finding ways to disrupt his momentum

  9. I don’t feel no-ways tired, of winning.
    All you Pecksniffians can go pound sand.
    “That’s all I have to say about that.” Forrest

  10. Zonga – Dam right. I had several conversations last week with one of the few appointees actually in place. He made the same point several times. Things can’t be fixed until the fixers are in place.

  11. I am proud to see a Republican President who fights back instead of roll over to the assault from the leftists. Should have been done long ago.

  12. I’m up to my eyebrows with the prigs who say Trump’s tweets are distracting from his agenda. Trump is implementing his agenda ALL ALONE and the media REFUSES to cover any accomplishment.

    They won’t report the news because they’d rather lie, defame and try to overthrow the president.

    Until we get 6 months of civil, responsible, honest reporting from every news outlet they need to shut up about Trump’s tweets.

    If not for his tweets we wouldn’t know ANY truth about what’s happening in WDC.

  13. Classic Trump. His tweets are the best. Rush is right. Trump has the laser pointer and the vile msm are the cats chasing it….wherever he points it. Delicious. Love seeing Libtards all twisted, running into walls and flipping over. God I love Pres Trump. Best vote I’ve ever cast. MAGA.

  14. Duly noted Mr President.
    Keep up the good work and keep shocking the socks off of the media. 😉

    (How much time does it take to send out a couple of tweets? Honestly there’s no harm in him doing it. /’cept to the mental health of the already mentally deprived.)

  15. the lying distorting propaganda ministry of the DNC aka cnn must be exposed and stopped. A time and place for everything, but that is the beginning. cnn stopped first.

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