TV Exec: NBC Made ‘Fundamental Mistake’ Thinking Megyn Kelly Was ‘Superstar’


NBC News made a “fundamental mistake” when its network executives thought Megyn Kelly was a “super star,” according to a television executive CNN interviewed.

Kelly, the former Fox News talent, has come under fire for her interview with Alex Jones, which is set to air on this Sunday on her Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly show.

“They’ve made a fundamental mistake about Megyn which is they think she’s a super star,” the television executive reportedly told CNN. “What she is is a cable star, and that is a very different solar system.”

While promoting her show, Kelly told numerous outlets that she felt like she was born to be a mainstream media star. In a leaked recording that was released this week, Kelly even tells Alex Jones, “I’m a combination of Mike Wallace, Oprah Winfrey and Larry the Cable Guy.” Kelly was resoundingly mocked after Jones released the audio.

Mainstream media reporters and the families of the Sandy Hook victims also lambasted Kelly for telling Jones in the leaked audio, “It’s not gonna be some gotcha hit piece, I promise you that.”  more here

23 Comments on TV Exec: NBC Made ‘Fundamental Mistake’ Thinking Megyn Kelly Was ‘Superstar’

  1. MK imagines herself to be “a movie star”.

    She’s lucky not to be doing the Weather at a local Peoria station.

    Not that I’d wish her on Peoria.

  2. If she does another hit piece on Trump, NBC will Execs will feel better about paying a prostitute $15 million to be a whore.

  3. I’m sorry NBC bozo’s, it took me less than 5 minutes to arrive at the same conclusion. The biggest thing about MK is her inflated self image, with nothing to back it up! Does NBC stand for Not Basically Clever?

  4. Somehow people equate notoriety as talent. All she ever did was hate on Trump. I am glad she has been outed as a fraud and a fool with an arrogant ego. Can we flush now?

  5. Mz. Kelly’s been flying to close to the sun with those wax wings of hubris. NBC may replace her show with sports by next month.

  6. If othe Fox News viewers are like me–I don’t care who it is, if you leave Fox News for another news outlet I’m not following you. And…if Fox continues to betray its conservative roots I’ll be headed to OAN or cutting the cable.

  7. As much as I take some joy oer seeing Kelly get smacked around a bit by the press and NBC seemingly pissing away loads of dough is anyone else getting very mad about the number of anonymous sources being used to screw someone over? It’s reached a point where I don’t even think the editors sit the reporters down anymore to make sure the source is legit. It’s a joke now in that a reporter can just make stuff up and print it as a “leak”. Something needs to be done to vet sources before they can be used. Except for making the news organisation responsible for the accuracy of the “source” I can’t think of anything else that can be done.

  8. Charles Barkley is a superstar. Robert Duvall is a superstar. Martina McBride is a superstar. Name other talented people.

    What talent does MeAgain, or any other fake newsreader possess? The willingness to wear makeup like a cheap escort? The willingness to read lies for her sponsor?

  9. To the lefties she’s outlived her usefulness. She was used to help destroy Roger Ailes and he’s gone now.


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