Two New Studies Warn Global Warming Will Cause Global Cooling (Not A Joke)

climate change

The Lid- Okay according to two new studies this is how the global warming enthusiasts say it’s going to work. Global warming is going to move the gulf stream (which circulates warm and across the Earth and makes cold water sink).. They say warming is going to mess up the gulf stream and other ocean circulation systems and cause the Northern Hemisphere to get cold. Simplified, their claim is that global warming is going to make things cold (you cant make this up).  MORE

10 Comments on Two New Studies Warn Global Warming Will Cause Global Cooling (Not A Joke)

  1. And if you wait long enough Climate Change will cause…
    Another Ice Age
    Another Super continent to form
    The moon to separate from the Earth
    Great die offs and the rise of new species.

    The climate (any climate in our solar system) is regulated by the energy source, which is the Sun
    Any change in the Sun’s output affects the climate way more than atmospheric carbon dioxide
    Its bullshit designed to gain control of the stupid idiots who are regulars on Gullible’s Travels

  2. According to my limited research on the interweb thingy, Ponce de Leon discovered the Gulf Stream in the 1500’s and Ben Franklin mapped it in the late 1700’s. Not much has changed since then with the exception of bat shit crazy pseudo scientists that produce models to reflect the views of those financing them.

  3. or imposing agenda 21derful on a very unappreciative region

    For Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Mobility Plan 2035, as the new program is being called, is part of a larger push to get people out of their cars and onto sidewalks that began with the expansion of the mass transit system championed by his immediate predecessor, Antonio R. Villaraigosa.

  4. Not to be a ‘wet blanket’ but all of the above is correct, imo.
    But without God, it wouldn’t work!
    Man has become a legend in his own mind.

  5. Here’s why it doesn’t matter. If you take the entire Earth’s existence and put it on a 12 month calendar, humans exist from December 31 @ 23:59:58.


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