U.S. May Never Point The Finger At China For OPM Breach

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Pocket full of liberty: It’s looking more an more like the U.S. government may not publicly identify the state behind the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) breach and may not take any public retaliatory action, at least for the time being. China, who the FBI believes was behind the attack, gained access to the security clearance documents (SF86) of past and present government employees, including military and intelligence officials.


While knowledge the breach was made public on June 4, the scope and severity of the hack wasn’t disclosed until approximately one week later. Additionally, the initial number of 4 million people affected may become as high 32 million after family members and other contacts listed in the employees’ forms are taken into account. For better understanding of what is disclosed in these documents, see the conclusion of John Schindler’s entry.

The likelihood of the U.S. pointing the finger at China is slim, says intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge. The Obama administration continues to bend over backwards for Iran in hopes of reaching a nuclear agreement by the June 30 deadline. To the dismay of our Middle East allies, the completion of a deal appears to be goal number one for the administration, regional stability be damned.  more

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  1. If he’s not going to point the finger at China, coudn’t Barky at least scratch his face with his middle finger at them? Or maybe bow in their general direction? I swear, sometimes I think a suitcase nuke detonation in DC would be a step in the right direction.

  2. I smell BULLSHIT!

    Why would Obola need China to seal a pretend deal with Iran?

    Obola is just giving Iran enough time to develop their nukes and figure out delivery methods – China’s got nothing to do with it.

    Obola is, however, selling out America to the Chinese, continuing what the Clintons started back in the 90s, to pay off the enormous debt incurred by the socialists and their devious, under-the-table reparations schemes.

    This “trade deal” is to allow the wolves to guard the sheep and the foxes to guard the chickens. He is probably paying them off, so that they don’t crush the izlamics in China, while working the other side to unite the Chinese, Russian, and Central Asian izlamics to ISIS and Iran.

    Precious metals are dropping as inflation is rising – anybody ever heard of THAT, before?

  3. Amateurs are running our country.
    Why don’t they acknowledge that America has enemies foreign and domestic (I’m looking at the current administration, and their co-conspirators in the media), and act accordingly??

    Fed up with this shit. Seriously.

    BTW, any candidate that accepts campaign contributions from overseas should be instantly disqualified. Clintons *(Cough)*

  4. How can you see the ‘chink’ in the midst of ALL the other Obama crap flooding our country. He and congress probably sold the keys to the kingdom to China and other really bad countries.

  5. Amateurs? They are quite adept at selling America out. I keep thinking of the last days of the Roman Empire.

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