Uber Driver Tosses Passenger Out For Saying That the National African America History Museum building is ugly

She says this made them racists… or architexists…


Video of encounter below.



ht/ meerkat

24 Comments on Uber Driver Tosses Passenger Out For Saying That the National African America History Museum building is ugly

  1. Nuts. Now I have to drive up there to make my own assessment. I don’t want to. There should be no such thing as a racialist national museum. Ever.

  2. Looks like some evil Orc Tower Of Mordor.

    I pass it often. Tourists sometimes ask if it’s covered in rusty barbed wire, and if that’s a deliberate statement?

    Huge waste of space inside. Few actual exhibits, huge vacant spaces.

    School kids are taught that back in Slavery Times, people had to unfairly work hard, mostly outdoors. Mean white people would not even let black people have air conditioning in their log cabins.
    And the only internet slaves had was very slow.

  3. They’re playing at a museum….I still hate the eagles…It’s like having a Ritz cracker with swiss cheese bounce off of a lamp post….

  4. Looks like a Ship for Leftist Fools. Bet there’s not one actual reference to black conservative history in that whole rust bucket eyesore.

  5. It should have been named, after Barry. The real reason that monstrosity was built, to eventually be a shine for the worshippers of the worst U.S. president in history.

  6. Uber and Lyft are destroying the legitimate taxi cab business in this country. It’s the equivalent of replacing hospitals with “Urgent Care Centers”. You get what you pay for, folks.

  7. Never been in a taxi.
    Always had my own car.
    When I was in my teens our house had 4 cars in front of it.
    Moms car
    Dads car
    My car
    My sisters car.

  8. Mrs Galt and I spent some time in some of the museum on the Mall last week. It seems the only one that wasn’t dripping in White Guilt was the Museum of Modern Art. In the American History Museum, they had a small display about the KKK. No mention that it was started by Democrats to suppress the recently freed slaves. I’m sure they’ll correct that soon.

  9. the building is hideous and it has absolutely no business being placed where it is. The damned thing is a disgrace and yes it is butt ugly.
    No DC cabbie would not kick you out of his cab for just making a comment. Another reason uber is so awesome and the world’s salvation. Just think you can save $4!!

  10. History of Construction

    Okay, we want this thing to look like a pyramid.

    First Floor: Huh, something wrong here. Let’s try it different on the next floor.

    Second Floor: Is it me or does this look the same as the first floor?

    Third Floor: Oh crap, not again! Let’s just wrap it up and finish with a brightly lit Basement.

  11. Legitimate taxi drivers are:

    1. Required to have a valid commercial driver’s license.
    2. Required to have full, up-to-date car insurance which will cover you in the event of an accident.
    3. Not allowed to throw you out of the car because your political or social views are not in agreement with theirs.

    If any one of the above conditions might not be true, I’m not getting in the car.


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