UCLA Players Should Thank God Trump Is President and Not Obama

How long did Andrew Tahmooressi get holed up in a Mexican prison for making a wrong turn, while Obama did absolutely nothing?

Otto Warmbier was arrested in january of 2016 in North Korea. Obama did nothing to get him home.

Let’s play the race card. Did Obama do nothing because these people were white? I choose to believe that is the case. Obama is a rabid racist, a black panther, fist-raising black nationalist. (How do you like dem apples?)

Contrast the Obama experience with president Trump, the KKK-loving white supremacist racist.

Trump has convinced China to release the UCLA shoplifters.

I’m sure they will still protest Trump when they get home, or kneel, because… morons.

21 Comments on UCLA Players Should Thank God Trump Is President and Not Obama

  1. He should have insisted they publicly humiliate themselves by apologizing to the Chinese people on Chinese TV and pay a huge fine before they can return. He should have also insisted that UCLA expel all three immediately.

  2. When I first heard about their arrest, I prayed: Please God don’t tell me they are white republicans. I should have known better. I wasted a prayer. Phucken morons. I hope President Trump didn’t send 5 Gitmo terrorists home in exchange. Naw, He probably got them free for a case of Johnney Walker Blue. MAGA

  3. Totally despicable people. Ghetto. Glad they exposed themselves, their character, on the world stage. Kinda takes away from the manufactured “dignity” of the “Black Power” rage, doesn’t it? Stealing designer sun glasses? Oh yeah, The Man is sure oppressive. Idiots.

  4. They’re a disgrace to the United States of America – ignorant and miseducated spawn of a corrupt
    Communist educational system and plantation dwelling parent(s). This is why black Americans are held in contempt, even though there are many of us who are humiliated by black people’s excessive criminal behavior. Since these “ballers” don’t respect their own country, it’s no surprise and ironic they commit crimes on foreign soil – communist soil no less. Now, safely back home, Thanks to President Trump who will get no credit, these criminals will rebound and gleefully board the Ship of Antifa, BLM, Hate Whitey Fools once again.

  5. Those three probably will be among the kneelers when they get back, and they will say how they were treated better by Chinese police than they would have been treated by American police.

    The Chinese probably let them go because they figured those three could do more damage to the United States by retuning to the US than by by rotting in a Chinese prison.

  6. Keep them there for a month (don’t tell them) then kick their dumb ass out.
    Ever see the show, “LOCKED UP ABROAD?” –Not good. Don’t steal or anything in other countries.

  7. These three navel gazing azzhats are proof that affirmative action has exceeded its shelf life. They think their hoodrat ideology indemnifies them from their actions. If they were honest, they’d thank the President for saving their sorry azzes from being beaten to a pulp in a Chinese Gulag. Let’s see how this plays out. I’m willing to bet they learned nothing. That’s what children do when they don’t have to bear the consequences of their actions. Trump should have let them be subject to Chinese Justice. BLM doesn’t mean squat in China. Thieves, one and all.

  8. This Crap starts with one College asking the local Ice Cream shop Owners to let their Students shoplift penalty free, as to not hurt feelings or put more black’s in jail. Teacher didn’t tell them real world laws, just special Fantasy living !

  9. H-A-P I have seen “LOCKED UP ABROAD.” I cannot believe how stupid some people are. “Oh, I think I will go to some third-world hell-hole with a military junta government and try and smuggle drugs.”

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