UK surgeon with poor vision bungles procedures

Lawal Haruna said he had been suffering ‘poor vision’ CREDIT: PAT ISAACS/CAVENDISH PRES

senior surgeon with “poor vision” accidentally removed a woman’s ovary instead of her appendix and then told bosses it was a “trifling error”.

Dr Lawal Haruna , 59, has been struck off after mistaking the patient’s reproductive organs for her appendix when she was admitted to hospital with abdominal pain.

The unnamed “Patient B”, who was not of child-bearing age, also had her fallopian tube removed during the bungled procedure.

 But wait! That’s not all. He’s done other ‘bungled procedures.’

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  1. A blind surgeon? Ooops. He got his degree in Uganda. His father was a witch doctor, his mother was a witch. He comes from a long line
    of “surgeons.” Not fucking funny, Moe Tom, not fucking funny at
    all. The U.K. is falling apart!

  2. Meanwhile, some hotshot White British surgeon sans frontier is down in Mongogo, Africa, treating this Daktari Magu’s cousin for dengue fever. Priorities, please, Britain.

  3. @OpenTheDoor – exactly! Appendicitis wasn’t diagnosed for 2 days, then the patient got “put on a list” for EMERGENCY surgery. Insanity.

  4. OMG. For years I’ve been advocating the English version of Tort Law. In our great country, this guy, if white, would have been sued out of business in his early 30s. Because of Affirmative Action and Political Correctness, it would have taken another 10 years to get rid of this guy.

  5. His residency was at the University of Guadalajara where he treated donkeyshow democrats with dislocated uteruses. Since the two species are so similar, no one gave a shit, or even a Montezuma river of shit when the hybrid monsters died. All the Antifas cheered and there was lice and herpes for all.

  6. CC: Not to worry. We still discriminate against blind surgeons and blind aircraft pilots. I don’t know how long that’s going to last, but you should be OK. Be well.

  7. @CC – Those are completely routine, now, and with the new laser guided alignment gadgetry even a blind surgeon…

    Not to worry. I got a new left knee a couple of years ago and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Just be sure to faithfully follow all the post-op and rehab instructions.

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