US Commandos Unable To Scale Border Wall Prototypes In Tests


Daily Caller: Military special forces and U.S. Customs and Border Protection special units spent three weeks trying to scale the eight prototypes of President Trump’s proposed border wall, but found the barriers extremely difficult to overcome, according to an Associated Press report.

The testers employed a variety of tools in their endeavor, such as “jackhammers, saws, torches and other tools and climbing devices.”

The testers were unable to overcome the assortment of barriers due to their tall heights, according to the report. They were able to reach up to 20 feet, but required “help” after that. The border wall prototypes are around 30 feet tall.

Only one tester managed to “land a hook on top of the wall without help,” according to the report.  read more

34 Comments on US Commandos Unable To Scale Border Wall Prototypes In Tests

  1. What this right wing article fails to address, is the fact that the majority of Americans, and that includes US commandos are overweight.

    It’s a national scandal. This article glosses right over this tragedy.

  2. Send in the miners and tunnelists. Then we’re good to go. I am encouraged that the casual border crossers will be deterred, but el Chapo was a tunneler.

  3. I wondered about the tunneling too. Maybe steel sheets with fly paper glue? Get some of that on your mustachio and its over.

  4. U.S. Commandos unable to scale the walls? I’ll but my money on Juan and Julio any day! I think they used the wrong test subjects.

  5. Need two walls. Primary wall is a mountain of free cervezas and tequila. Second wall only needs to be 10 feet tall.

  6. Will there be crenelations? Taunting Towers?
    As far as tunneling goes, I bet there’ll be all kinds of dandy sensors underground.
    I would have the sensors trigger pheromone pumps underground, and draw ants and other nasties from the surrounding area to converge on unauthorized excavations

  7. still say make it the obstacle course of death …. swim the moat of fire, pole-vault over the hedgerow of razor wire, pogo-stick through the mine field, wade through the ‘Everglade Park’ of alligators & cottonmouths, crawl through the ‘field of glass’, … work up your own ideas …

    … anyone that survives gets a free trip to be dumped at any Mexican Hospital Emergency Room of their choice, then, after healing can get in line & apply for a visa … good luck there, Hose A

  8. All due respect to the SF types but… you have a group of extremely underutilized, rediculously smart folks in the Nav. They are called Nukes. I bet those kids (enlisted types) would have figured out all the walls deficiencies in about 4 hours.

  9. Tunneling has been proven time and again. The Mexican cartels have plenty of fireworks… powerful explosives, RPGs, bazookas, hey, if it’s military grade, they have it. If they find the need, they can blow through anything we can put up.

    The common illegal border-crosser, not so much.

  10. “There are two kinds of people in this world, my friend. Those with loaded guns. And those who dig.” Hopefully they pour about forty feet of cement underneath the foundations.

  11. @Different Tim: The fencing in NM that incorporated concrete went 5 feet down.
    As for SF teams testing the walls, their arsenal and ability was certainly limited to a “reasonable attempt by a determined alien or DTO to defeat the barrier using readily available resources available to them.”

    It amazes me still that no one holds accountable or even recognizes that the GOM is the reason behind their citizens’ exodus into the US. The GOM is complicit in both illegal immigration and drug trafficking into the US, yet we pay them annually large sums of money through agreements like the Merida Initiative to accomplish who knows what. We get little if anything in return.

  12. I think the winning design is a highway with a wall… so that it can accommodate high speed patrol. There’s a road on the alternate side as well. Add some ground sensors, a few crows nests, and you have a good setup.


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