VA Dog Experimenter Who Botched Surgeries Received Big Bonuses, Major Salary Increase

Daily Caller: VA dog experimenter Alex Tan received big bonuses and a salary increase even after reports emerged that he had botched numerous dog surgeries and was banned from various animal experiments.

A Freedom of Information Act request from the White Coat Waste Project, a group dedicated to fighting waste in animal experimentation, reveals that Tan, a cardiologist, received a $15,000 performance bonus in 2016, which was the same year he was banned from animal experimentation protocols for repeated abuses. He also received another bonus in 2017.

His total salary in 2015 was $309,332. This increased to $310,365 in 2016. His salary in 2017 was $340,000 — well after reports of abuses and being banned.

Internal VA reports indicate that Tan botched dog surgeries so badly he was eventually banned from experimenting on dogs. In one case, back in December 2015, he caused a dog to overdose on a sedative. By the time he left work, the dog was not recovering from surgery and unresponsive. Tan’s technician came in the next day and found the dog in major pain and accidentally delivered the wrong drug to ease the suffering.  read more

12 Comments on VA Dog Experimenter Who Botched Surgeries Received Big Bonuses, Major Salary Increase


    is that the new Canadian homo/queer/cis-gender abbreviation?

  2. Treat him the way he treated the animals under his care. See how long he lasts.
    Double line to render justice to this asshole forms to the right and around the block.

  3. I really hesitated to post this story. I lived near the Sepulveda VA (sepulveda CA) and they did experiments. I didn’t realize what was going on at the time. I happened to be at the baseball field next to the place when I heard these dogs just barking and barking until someone came out to their enclosure to calm them down. That’s when I realized 2 dobermans (?) were wearing these electrodes on their heads with what looked like helmets. I’m like, WTH!? I was far enough away that I couldn’t clearly see them, but there was definitely something wrong with them. So aggressive, and some were whining. Then I found out they did experiments on them. A few months later, maybe a year, they stopped doing it as far as I knew. But I did get a confirmation that they were doing testing there. When I saw those dogs, I knew anyone releasing or ‘rescuing’ them would be doing the wrong thing. I think those animals were past saving. My guess. I cannot take hearing an animal or a small child crying, for any reason. My first instinct is to pick them up and hold them. But, I know why some animals are tested. I know a dog up in Canada back in the day was tested for insulin use (part of his liver or pancreas were removed) and because of that dog, millions of people like me are alive. But, I wish motherfuckers would be DECENT about it. This particular asshole at the VA in the article was a complete piece of shit who would fit right in with nazi experimentation. Fuck him and may he be rewarded with cruelty until his last breath.

  4. BTW, no reports of the insulin testing dogs being abused. I looked. I don’t think I could take it if I was told they were. God have mercy on us all. We can sure fuck up a lot of stuff, can’t we? lol.


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