Vandals hit Donald Trump’s Denver campaign office

Denver Police department spokesman says they will use tools available, including electronic ones, to find suspects



DenverPost: A brick wall on the side of Donald Trump’s campaign office in Denver was vandalized late Thursday or early Friday by a perpetrator or perpetrators who wrote foul language and called the Republican presidential nominee a “thief” and “pervert” in big, block letters. The building’s windows were also defaced.

Sonny Jackson, Denver police spokesman, said a call was made at 7:20 a.m. about anti-Trump graffiti.

“It’s an anti message. We’ll investigate it using all the tools we have at our disposal including viewing electronic devices to determine who did this,” Jackson said.



10 Comments on Vandals hit Donald Trump’s Denver campaign office

  1. The liberals here in CO are being unhinged. Someone lit a big Trump yard sign on fire while the family was home and almost caused a huge fire and a kid dressed up as Trump and was denied candy from several houses. No surprise they’ve moved on to Trump headquarters. So tolerant.

  2. And the violence is increasing with the news that the Dem early voting lead has almost vanished. In all mail in ballot state a lot of people voting for Trump wanted to wait to turn ballots in.

  3. Denver and Boulder run the fucking state which is mostly conservative but are out gunned. I moved from Denver after 30+ years because the fuckers wouldn’t do shit about the zillions of illegals.

  4. Live in the Denver area. Every Trump sign(8) and magnet(4) (For the garage door) has been stolen. One sign was dumped back in my yard with profanity and Nazi symbols all over it…little did these “tolerant” lefties realize my GF works directly for the county sheriff…they left fingerprints…they got busted for criminal mischief and hate crimes.


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