Vanderbilt releases “pronoun guidelines.” BFH University releases its pronoun guidelines



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  1. What should be call Vanderbilt University?

    Pussy U?
    Scumbag U?
    Weirdo U?
    Vegetable brained U?
    Vanderbilt Unixsex U?
    Shit for brains U?

  2. Now for the list of universities which have “Pronoun Guidelines”.

    That’s as good a place as any to start the process of elimination.

  3. I just call everybody dickhead. “Hey, what’s up dickhead?”

    “How was your weekend, dickhead?”

    “There goes that fucking dickhead again!”

  4. We in Middle Tennessee respect the people of Vanderbilt – in much the same way we respected the Howells on Gilligan’s Island, and for mostly the same reasons.

  5. Oh yeah? My pronoun is “you.” As in, fuck all of you freaks and perverts.

    Does BFH U. need any professors in English, Latin, or French? Or I could teach a special Soc. course called “The Immigrant Experience as It Applies to Overworked, Underpaid Clerical Workers in New York City Family Court.”

  6. Use of “they”, “them” or their when referring to a singular person is incorrect. Noun and pronoun have to agree in number (singular or plural).
    I once saw someone use “(s)he” as a replacement for she or he.

  7. I have a few teenagers. How do I enroll them in BFH University? Also is there both a Florida and New York campus? Thanks so much! Looking forward to your response.

    Ze Merrkat

  8. Interesting to watch the homosexuals vs the trannies.

    If gender and sexuality is fluid, if how you are has nothing to do with how you were born, then the whole “I was born gay” thing is no longer true.

    Whoops! The latest hip and trendy minority group project just ate one of the previous pet projects.

  9. Whatever happened to the good old youall?
    Youall gonna eat that pie? I’ll eat it if not.
    I’ll help youall drink those beers in that there cooler.
    Youall are fucking stupid if you think I’m gonna call youall zir or some shit like that.

  10. @Joe: “You all” (or “y’all”) is a Southern term, and it is a plural pronoun. It is not used to refer to an individual.

    Just FYI.


  11. Calling them “chief” might lead to them having a meltdown because you’d be perceived as either appropriating Native American culture by using the term, or — horror of horrors — implying that they’re racist because chief is also used to describe the head of a police department. Yes, they really are that stupid.

  12. @chuck: Not in the South I grew up in.

    (From Mental Floss fact website:)

    “Y’all” is the most identifiable feature of the dialect known as Southern American English. It simply and elegantly fills out the pronoun paradigm gap that occurs in dialects that have only “you” for both singular and plural. Even people who don’t speak the dialect, who sometimes look down on its other features, have a soft spot for “y’all.” It’s as American as can be, and it embodies our ideal national self-image: down-to-earth, charming, and useful. But there is also a mysterious side to “y’all,” and for over a century, a controversy has been brewing over what might be called the Loch Ness Monster of dialect study: the elusive singular “y’all.” There are a few who claim to have seen it in the wild, and many who denounce such claims as nonsense. Does it exist?

    Most Southerners say no. The whole idea of singular “y’all” strikes them as, at best, the fanciful invention of confused and clueless Northerners, and, at worst, an outrageous insult. In the early 1900s, C. Alphonso Smith, a North Carolina-born literature professor, used to read aloud passages to his students from “Southern” novels written by Northerners that contained phrases like “Maw, y’all got a hairpin?” and “in every case the misapplied idiom was greeted with mingled incredulity and laughter.” Tearing down the myth of singular “y’all” became a matter of regional pride. As Linguist E. Bagby Atwood put it in his 1962 study of Texas English, “if anything is likely to lead to another Civil War, it is the Northerner’s accusation that Southerners use you all to refer to only one person.”


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