Vermont school cancels Halloween


GLOVER, Vt. – Students were looking forward to Glover Community School’s Halloween festivities, from the costumes and pumpkin carving contest to “spider bellies, spider legs, and bones” on the lunch menu.

But school officials recently sent notice to parents that “spider bellies, spider legs, and bones” are gone from the Oct. 31 menu, replaced with boring chicken tenders, French fries, and celery sticks.

The pumpkin carving contest is gone, as well, and students are now banned from wearing costumes to school because Angelique Brown, the school’s new principal, doesn’t like holidays, The Chronicle reports.

“We need to keep religious celebrations and holidays out of schools,” she said.

The news site reports parents are questioning the ban, but Brown insists on killing in-school celebrations because she contends other schools are doing the same.


13 Comments on Vermont school cancels Halloween

  1. “We need to keep religious celebrations and holidays out of schools,” she said.
    Hey Angeique! How about we we ban walking talking assholes, masquerading as educators

  2. The parents need to ask this principal.
    “And if all of the other principals were jumping off a bridge would you do that too?”

  3. On the one hand if it keeps Pisslamic holidays out of public schools I am all for it. However, we all know that’s not how progressives roll.

    On the other hand
    Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you
    Party pooper

  4. She’s making it with a muzzie and really wants to eventually wear a burka going down the isle.

  5. first, they came for the clowns……but i was not a clown, so i did nothing….

    then, they came for the jackolanterns, but i was not a jackolatern, so i did nothing…..

    then, they came for people with IQs over 100…….and i was history………..

    ps….in case you’re interested….it’s 145

  6. @ Eugenia – it won’t happen, they use that free to indoctrinate the kids about what a genius mohamhead was, cuz he was the first to invent anything – being the perfect man and all. they’ll need to forget that slicing the necks of 600-800 Joooooooooos.

  7. Can we please start the second civil war a couple years early? These people need to be eradicated soon, before they ruin everything for another generation.


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