Veterans Group Blasts ‘Selfish’ Elizabeth Warren for Putting Illegal Aliens First

Breitbart: Last week, members of the group Veterans Assisting Veterans (VAV) penned an open letter to “all Americans” criticizing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and many of her fellow Democrats for their support of illegal immigrants and calling for these politicians to put United States veterans first.

“Senator Warren and others like her should know the difference between legal and illegal activity and chose instead to act out negatively in selfish political theater,” the letter reads. It asks, “Where’s your rally for US Veterans, Senator Warren?” The group wrote they are “deeply troubled by the continued lack of prioritization by some prominent elected members of our government.”  more here

5 Comments on Veterans Group Blasts ‘Selfish’ Elizabeth Warren for Putting Illegal Aliens First

  1. Illegals are surefire votes and money makers for their districts and themselves. Veterans on the other hand are liabilities and don’t generally vote “left”

    Root in hell warren.

  2. Just another lying ass liberal commie skank. She’s another one I’d like to see drop dead in the middle of one of her commie speeches.

  3. Massachusettes votes for THE WORST politicians in America.

    They are the ONLY STATE that voted for George McGovern.

    Mistress-killing Kennedy, Stolen-Valor Kerry, RINO Romney, now Fake-Indian Warren. Everything that comes out of that state is garbage. (expect the Patriots)


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