Viet Nam Again!

The Obama administration is trying to turn the MidEast conflict into another Viet Nam style embarassment!

h/t Shoebat

4 Comments on Viet Nam Again!

  1. Of course you don’t. The politicians lost that war, because they tried to fight it instead of letting the military fight it. If the full might of the US military was unleashed at the time, there is little doubt that North Vietnam would have been crushed in a matter of weeks. That’s where the comparison to what Obama is doing and Viet Nam comes in. He’s a feckless politician with ulterior motives, and he’s snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on purpose. Thank you for your sacrifice and service. What our own government did to you and your fellow servicemen was criminal, just like what Obama is doing now.

  2. We’ve seen this movie before and it won’t end any better now than it did with Vietnam. Just wait if they try and reinstate the draft and include women as well as trannies etc. I’m glad I’m an old guy now because they can’t touch me but I worry about all the young guys and gals who will be sacrificed for nothing once again. BASTARDS!


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