Virginia Jury Convicted Illegal Alien of Stealing Then Paid Her Fine

This is how we get a Terry McAuliffe in office. Moronic Virginia progressives with their heads up their…

“I could see in her that she was a good person that made a mistake,” the jury’s foreperson said.

In the video at the link the old moron tears up when he talks about the jury pooling their money to pay this felon’s fine.

The law allowed them to sentence her to 20 years. They ended up giving her a slap on the wrist and a twenty dollar profit!

Through an interpreter she says she “only works because she has 2 kids.” Otherwise she’d be a complete deadbeat.

“Work” means robbing her employers of 5 grand.

The jury was not told that Ortega is in America illegally.
I hate to say this, but I think I know what I would do in order to make a big statement about this case. I would fine the employers for hiring an illegal.

I know that sounds counter-intuitive, because ostensibly they are the good guys in this story, but they are not. Not one friggin person in this story is. From the perp, to the jury, to the victims, they all did the wrong thing.


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  1. Civil forfeiture would fix the illegal alien issue double quick. An illegal cannot work legally, and must present fraudulent ID to make major purchases like a car, house, or to open a bank account. If every illegal had all of their worldly goods taken when caught, they would self deport en mass.

  2. I have mixed feelings about this case. Since I wasn’t there, and know very little except the bare-bones “facts” as presented by the media, I will not pass judgment on anyone involved.

    However, I will say that anyone who hires a non-English-speaking illegal alien to clean their home is asking for trouble.

  3. This country is being overrun by stupid. Just unbelievable. I’m sure she understands just how much that what she had done was wrong now.STUPID,STUPID,STUPID!

  4. She has the typical attitude of Latino’s throughout central and south america that gringo’s are ripe plums to be plucked. They’ll fleece you in any way they can. They resent Americans for the wealth of the nation and despise us. Anyone who’s traveled there knows this.

  5. Just one more example indicating the necessity to depart the Commonwealth. It is way past time for me to absquatulate. Virginia carried Mr. Obama twice, Ms. Clinton once, Warner, Kaine, McAuliffe and now Northam. I relocated here from MD, twenty years ago to escape this very political mindset. I suppose that I did not move far enough.

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