Walmart shoppers spy their peepers on peckers in meat dept.

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According to MassLive, shoppers entering the deli/butcher area witnessed a scene that one would only expect to see in the kitchen of a seedy restaurant. A flock of about 20 birds, described to be sparrows, were feasting on the packaged meat sitting out in trays in open coolers where customers grab ground beef, cuts of steak, etc. As they pecked away at the packages, employees didn’t seem to notice or care, but the customers definitely did.

Story @ MWN

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  1. I remember reading about a 17th or 18th century surgeon dissecting a corpse in front of an audience of medical students in London. He is said to have discarded the remains by letting a flock of sparrows at it. He claimed they were well up to the task and could completely strip a corpse in an hour.

  2. The Walmart customers, dressed in their pajamas and 5X yoga pants, said that when they drove the electric carts over to the meat section, they were disgusted by seeing birds.

  3. Walmart shoppers spy their peepers on peckers in meat dept.

    This is quite a headline MJA! Yes, you should work for NY Post.

  4. Boy am I glad you said birds, for a second there I thought you were talking about deranged guy exposing his pecker over in the meat section. I never buy meat from Wally World anyway, afraid it might be mystery meat from God knows where.

  5. Let’s not forget the areal bombings the birds are so famous for. Pre sauced foods from the meat dept. Another way Walmart makes holiday shopping special. Look for a sale on Cornish game hens in the coming days. Gently used BB guns will be for sale next week.


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