WaPo Blogger Pleads: ‘Do Not Foist Brian Williams on MSNBC’

brian williams when isis beheaded him

Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple sounds distraught over CNN reporter Brian Stelter’s reporting that speculation around how NBC will use disgraced anchor Brian Williams is centering on MSNBC.  “Do not foist Brian Williams on MSNBC,” he begged in a headline. Doesn’t MSNBC have enough problems? 

brian williams live from the moon


Someone inside the network must think: MSNBC’s schedule is fracturing and struggling, they want to have better breaking-news chops. Why not bring in the “news” man to make it less of a leftist talk-TV channel? Wemple won’t have it:  more

brian williams straight outa compton

5 Comments on WaPo Blogger Pleads: ‘Do Not Foist Brian Williams on MSNBC’

  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I don’t know which is funnier. Reports saying that Brian Williams could somehow give MSNBC a much needed boost in quality and ratings, or that he could somehow make MSDNC more irrelevant. heh They got me with those. snicker


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