Wash Post Questions Robert E. Lee’s Generalship

In what appears to be a not so subtle attempt to justify removal of statues of confederate leaders of the Civil War, The Washington Post recently ran a piece on what a bad strategist Robert E. Lee was during the war.


So, the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia to Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant wasn’t such a big deal, then? I guess even Burnside could have forced a surrender if given half a chance over the hapless Lee.  What a crock.

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  1. Remember when Michael Jordan blew that game one time? What a loser. And he couldn’t even play baseball. Loser. Don’t even get me started on Vince Lombardi.
    Now excuse me while I adjust my couch position.

  2. If the Wapo 27 year-old historians are are anything like their 27 year-old gun experts, this will be as laughable as Brian Fallon, who compared antifa to the soldiers in the Normandy invasion. Kids, put down the Howard Zinn and step away.

  3. Notice the animals promoting the tearing down of statues steer clear of referendum votes they would never win.

  4. The generals who fought with him and against him certainly had great respect and admiration for him. What did they know in comparison to the omniscient Washington Post?

  5. The WaPo twisting history to fit its whims. Now children you know that the Holocaust never really happened. That is just Jewish propaganda. Josef Stalin was not really a bad man and neither was Ted Kennedy. Time for y’all to get yore heads straight. The history books must be rewritten if we are ever to live in peace.
    (Yeah, peace, sure.)

  6. General Lee served the Union in various military duties in Georgia, Virginia, New York, Texas, and Mexico over 23 years. He was superintendent of West Point and was offered the Command of the Union Army by Winfield Scott and President Lincoln.

    When Virginia joined the Confederacy, days later Lee resigned his commission to remain loyal to his state and assumed command of the Army of Northern Virginia.

    General Lee has always been recognized and respected as one of the Greatest Military leaders of this Nation.

    However, in this state of anti-american climate, all true Americans are subject to ridicule and disdain. It’s rare that a writer would so willingly display their ignorance. Luckily the Washington Post have several on staff.

  7. @Stonewall, given Lee’s experience with the Army of the Potomac up to that point, that charge had a pretty good chance of splitting the Union Army.

  8. I’m currently reading “Recollections and Letters of Robert E. Lee” and nearly finished with it. I have developed a great deal of respect and admiration for this wonderful man. What’s being done to his memory is disgraceful. I won’t, however, be reading WaPo’s foolishness. I imagine the article is about as reliable a source of history as Howard Zinn.

  9. I believe that he was a brilliant general and could have won the war but as he got close to victory he had second thoughts and actually decided that it wouldn’t be a bad thing to lose hence Gettysburg and then surrender!

  10. This illustrates how quickly a great country can fall apart after eight years of intentional decay and neglect by people who hated America. When the time comes that statues have to come down just because they are of white men who were revered by older generations, this country will be truly finished. How is this any different than what is happening in South Africa?

  11. General Lee decided to surrender because his army was starving, its ranks seriously thinned, and due to the overwhelming number of Union troops. He was unwilling to see his remaining troops slaughtered. He was greatly revered by both sides.

  12. Lucky for the North there was only one Lee. Two of him and they would be planting cotton North of the Mason Dixon Line.

  13. Didn’t Gen. Lee make some comment about how maybe the editors and reporters should be running the war, instead of the Generals?

    They (editors and reporters) are just as much maggots now, as then.

    izlamo delenda est …

  14. Stonewall,
    He did not mess up Gettysburg. He was textbook for the period. As to Picketts charge, same tactic all through WEI and much of WWII, ever here of Omaha beach?

  15. The reason for all the negativity towards the South is Confederatephobia. They are trying to bring us down again.

  16. The Wash Post wants to take down one of he most
    honorable men in American history ?
    Shame on them !
    There isn’t a person associated with
    who understands his role in history.
    Just like no leftist understands
    President Lincoln’s second Innauguaral Address
    would have healed the country had he lived.
    The punitive evils of Reconstruction
    happened only because
    Lincoln did not live.
    And we are still living with that today.
    And it has been brought to the forefront and emphasizes
    By the Obaman imposture
    Who could have healed everything but
    chose to divide us

  17. supposition: if Lee had taken command of the Union forces, how quickly would have the Confederacy fallen?
    supposition: if Lee had the resources of McClellan how long would it have taken him to capture Washington?

  18. I served in the Army with a Robert E. Lee, an actual descendant of the General. He was a good soldier and a gentleman. We all loved the guy.

  19. From what I’ve read Lee’s mistake at Gettysburg was ignoring what Winfield Scott taught both RE Lee & Stonewall Jackson in Mexico. Something Stonewall always remembered & applied. Never attack your enemies strongest position. Attack their weakest position. RE Lee at Gettysburg said today I will whip them or they will whip me as he chose to fight the Yankees’ superior position rather than withdraw and fight another day from a superior position. The north could afford to lose more men & equipment than the south could. A lose of equal numbers was a defeat for Lee.

    RE Lee after seeing what the republicans & Yankee carpet baggers did to the south during reconstruction also said had he known what they would do to the south he would have preferred to have died on the battlefield with his men with his sword in his hand.

    fwiw – three days ago I visited Fort Fisher, near Wlimington NC. I was unaware the south surrendered 90 days after the Yankees captured the fort thereby cutting off the south’s last port available to import materials.

  20. Stop buying from Amazon.com and get off your butts and into the sunlight and visit some brick and mortar stores. You’ll keep people in jobs and slow down Jeff Bezo’s quest to remake America.

  21. If General Lee was still with us, no one at the New York Times wold be fit to eat the peanuts out of his shit. Leftists make maggots look appealing.

  22. It says something, I think, that the most ferocious, clever, and audatios enemy America ever faced was other Americans.

  23. “If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast.” – Uncle Billy.

  24. “I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which, in truth, they are.” – Uncle B.

  25. Dr. Tar@

    Ask Pickett his thoughts about that ill-fated charge that he was ordered to make by Lee! P.s. If Lee hadn’t dithered and entered Gettysburg ahead of the Union Army, which he could have, he would have held the high ground and not the Yankees-hence no need for the ill-fated and foolish decision to have Pickett charge!!!

  26. the North is still waging The War Of Northern Aggression against us.

    Lee was a hell of a great general; much better than my great-great-great-uncle Mansfield Lovell


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