Watergate Reporters BLAST ‘Smug’ Media’s Biased Treatment of President Trump

Truthfeed: The reason the lying liberal media is dubbed “fake news” is because they’ve abandoned “journalism” and “reporting news” in order to use their platform to try and destroy President Trump.

Outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and New York Times push wild narratives, inaccurate stories, and pepper their stories with a biased anti-Trump agenda.

Watergate journalists Woodward and Bernstein blasted the media’s elitist attitude and smug tone against President Trump.

From Washington Examiner

Veteran journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein hit the news media Sunday for adopting an unnecessarily hostile “tone” in their coverage of the White House.

Appearing Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the two longtime reporters said there should be less pettiness and outrage in the media when it comes to President Trump.

“We oughtn’t be too provocative, which we sometimes are with a president who’s putting a lot of bait out there and sometimes we take the bait and get a little petty,” said Bernstein.  more here

12 Comments on Watergate Reporters BLAST ‘Smug’ Media’s Biased Treatment of President Trump

  1. Woodward might have a leg to stand on but Bernstein’s been front row with absurd comments from the beginning. Just trying to save face but some of us remember.

  2. Where were these two lazy, lying, Liberal bastards during the eight years when Obama was Fundamentally Destroying America?

  3. The classic chicken or egg first enigma.
    What came first, the provocations or the bait.
    I put forth the “smug” press put out the provocations first.
    President Trump realized the shallow thinking ability of the press and he took matters into his own highly capable hands.
    We have a pretty good understanding of our President, no matter what the “…nattering nabobs of negativism” say, they are nothing but “…hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history.”
    – Spiro Agnew
    I love alliteration.

  4. “You’re right, we rally do need to be fairer, more accurate, less hateful toward the Trump administration,” said Jake Tapper never.

  5. “…a president who’s putting a lot of bait out there and sometimes we take the bait and get a little petty,”–Carl Bernstein, 2017

    “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.” —Hillary Hamrod, 2016

    Still not tired of all the boomerangs.

  6. There is no news-gathering anymore. You mean, look at twitter and then talk about it?

    It’s tabloid sensationalism, not anything informative.

  7. I think a monomaniacal, fanatical compulsion to utterly destroy a person goes a little beyond a hostile tone, pettiness, provocation and ridicule.

    These clowns are still clueless.

  8. Wasn’t Carl Bernstein’s son one of those spreading fake Trump news a few months ago —and he was praised by his father?

  9. Their panties are in a bunch only because the modern platoon of liars are so bad, so ham-handed and laughably pathetic, that the public has been awaked to realize that one-sided, leftism-promoting, Fake News has dominated our politics for more than the entire last half-century. The curtain has been pulled back on all cockroaches, old and new.


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