We All Need To “Power Through” The BS

In a textbook example of propaganda, the MSM picked up the two word dismissal of concerns over Hillary’s health and repeated it endlessly the day after her collapse.



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  1. You would almost think the media was provided the talking points of Hillary’s campaign.
    The media, just like a lap dog, coincidentally powered through the day joyfully singing their provided mantra flawlessly.

  2. You know, it is like standing before the monkey enclosure at your Zoo, watching the Howlers start with each other, and mimic the cry of desperation. These aliens are word-byte focused, as if reducing all this deceit to two words will erase it like using bleachbits on her stockpile of leaked and gone documents. we have a two word byte for them…..’NOT WORKING’ or ERROR 404.

  3. I heard Mook say it yesterday at least three or four times and I knew immediately it was going to be a keeper for the MSM. Only trouble is I thought the mook said “plough through.” My bad.

  4. This clip should be emailed to the managing editor’s desk at every network. With the single comment “This is why we don’t trust you.”

  5. The article implies that the media were hypnotized into using the phrase by her campaign staff. The media are part of her campaign staff. These “journalists” were present when the soundbite was decided upon or otherwise given their orders before air time.

  6. Yu tel a vig lie but mix it with unt a litle truth unt yu say it over and over til ze folk belive. Vunce in power a convenient fire consolidates power in your hands. Sieg Hillery! Uber das die heimat. Uber das America!

  7. @Moe Tom, I think it’s Bill who ‘ploughs through’.

    Journolisters, alive and in the Killary pocket.

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