“We Have a Runner!” – Rep. Barragan runs away from Trump supporters at Townhall

She came to berate Trump about program cuts that she said would impact “the poor.”

When the crowd said “the poor” was code for “illegals” she decided the meeting was over.

Take note, in the crowd were a number of Trump supporting Hispanics that weren’t buying that a bit of austerity on the backs of illegals is a bad thing (if that’s what the left believes the Trump cuts are designed to do.)

ht/ Tammy

14 Comments on “We Have a Runner!” – Rep. Barragan runs away from Trump supporters at Townhall

  1. California’s 44th Congressional District. Southern L.A. I have all the confidence in the world these idiots will vote liberal Democrat AGAIN in the next election cycle.

  2. Brad, there are many hispanic trump support pages on facebook. I watch a couple of them and many are from socal. I know hispanics in AZ also and they are Trump supporters. So i have hope.

  3. Charlie WalksonWater

    I’m not worried about the American Hispanic community. They seem to be catching on rather quickly. I have most of the FB pages liked. It’s the stupid white people I’m worried about. Even some of the black community gets it.

  4. Charlie WalksonWater

    Another point. I’ll bet money the illegals that are in that community VOTE. That’s a problem.

  5. It’s getting a bit chippy out there, as they say in hockey.
    Liberal politicians getting a dose of the medicine that conservatives have been receiving at their town halls by Soros rent a mobs?
    Outstanding! Run snowflake run.

  6. The GOP hasn’t got a candidate in the final in that district since 2012. It’s 68% hispanic, 17% black, 7% white and 6% asian. I understand that most of the California seats are in the bag for the Dems but I wonder whether the districts that are heavily hispanic may be tempted with the right candidate. Not all hispanics are knee jerk Dems.

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