Weak 13: Empty Seats Greatly Outnumber Spectators As NFL Attendance Crisis Continues


Week 13 doesn’t appear to be the National Football League’s lucky number as photos of stadiums across the league still show an awful lot of empty seats. Meanwhile, the sad in-person attendance mirrors the continually plummeting TV ratings.

With last week’s Thursday Night Football and Monday Night Football broadcasts closing out Week 12 with new lows in metered markets, and despite the nearly $90 million in social justice spending for players to end their constant, anti-American protests during the national anthem, Week 13 began with tens of thousands of empty seats in stadiums everywhere.

To note just a few…

Met Life stadium, for one, didn’t show too much life as the New York Jets faced down the Kansas City Chiefs in a close 38-31 game.  read more

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  1. From what I can find the official attendance numbers are pretty similar to what they have been over the years. And yet those photos don’t lie. I think a lot of season ticket holders aren’t going, and can’t even sell their tickets at a loss. I think the big, big reveal is going to be in the spring when the season ticket holders don’t bother to buy them for 2018.

  2. The $90,000,000 in social justice spending is not new money being spent. It comes from funds that originally was going to veterans and wimmins breast cancer. I guess thugs and punks are more deserving.

  3. wow! … no wonder the ACLU GQ made Colon Krapperdick their ‘Man of the Year’ … his antics single-handedly took the NFL down to 1930’s level

    well played mr. krapperdick, well played … (/sarc off)

  4. @roman. Yep. The playoffs will be the big reveal.
    Most watch on TV. The advertisers will be in the drivers seat. And @Dan is right, too. Season ticket sales will drop off next year. Between all of the eyeballs not watching it will finally hit home to players bank accounts.

  5. If the Knuckleheads in the NFL office think the fans are coming back. Their in for a big surprise.
    Bankruptcy court will be the only option play they have. Television revenues decline, fan attendance declines.
    They will have to renegotiate some salaries! Roger Goodell is a Fookin Idiot. Another victory for President Trump!

  6. Yep! It wasn’t *quite* that “bad” (empty)
    for the Cowboys v Redskins
    but it’s heartening to see the
    “getting it.”

  7. Once again I say that Tinkerbell is still holding Roger Goodfernuthin’s nutsack for ransom while the owners continue wandering around in the rough looking for their balls and White Supremacists, Nazis and Klansmen marching down Martin Luther King Blvd! The MFL eagerly ate a Politically-Correct torpedo fired by the Left intended to destroy an American institution populated by a bunch of over-paid, worthless, uneducated, uninformed, self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed, no morals, dope-smoking, crotch-grabbing, leg-lifting-dog-peeing, Escalade driving, Kool-Aid drinking, short attention span prima-donna thugs who can’t even spell Constitution, but know everthing there is to know about “Victimhood”! Now these bastards are going to take 100 million dollars of charity proceeds and give it to the Leftist Communists.
    Anybody see the real goal here???

  8. RF is correct. I, for one, am very sad another USA ‘institution’ (so to speak) is being destroyed by the international progressive socialist/communist movement. Roger Goodell (Paul Tagliabue’s hand-picked successor) is a bbf of Barky Obuttweasel & another committed One-Worlder & has worked tirelessly to turn the NFL into something that average US citizens would not watch …. he has succeeded … we will not watch, we will not attend … have we won, or lost?

  9. Next year is going to be rough. No preseason ticket sales, empty stadiums, bankruptcy rumors, IOUs for paychecks, NFL/BLM types car pooling, washing cars in their spare time. Some of them will be working freeway exit ramps. Can hardly wait. FINALLY realizing they gave it all up for a hand full of worthless black felons. Panic sets in when they find out their Black Studies degrees are worthless. They should talk to Military recruiters.

  10. Hey Roger, your site is taken one hell beating! ready around the white flag yet?
    may be in the new NFL, you can get a bicycle to ride between games, you’re probably too stupid to realize you’ve already lost!

  11. I heard the other day, some guy in Chicago had a couple of bears tickets on the front passenger seat of his car and someone broke in and left him two more.

  12. Tonight’s fare? TCM has Requiem for a Heavyweight vs NFL on the detestable ESPN….Steelers @ Bengals.
    I’m going with TCM. Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason, Mickey Rooney

  13. The contrasting strategies on how to destroy NFL stadiums. It was reported today that a demolition crew failed to bring down the Silverdome as planned. They must be incompetent. Kaepernick and the NFL owners / league managers are destroying stadiums all across the country, and they’re destroying the new ones. Not one old one.

  14. Dan
    I think you live in NoCal. The 49ers have had a half empty stadium all last year. this year it is 75% empty. Yet they report attendance at near 80% each year. They count sold season tickets as being there – even when you are not there!

    Go to, or fly over, Levi Sunday and you will see red. That is empty seats!

    I do not know this for sure; but I think the entire NFL counts a sold ticket as attendance – even if the ticket is not used!

  15. I will be elated when the stadiums are totally empty. The history of blacks is destruction of all they touch. Check out the black run cities.

  16. I can’t warm up to Soccer either, if you liked Watching Hockey as a Kid and then see Soccer, you perceive it as Hockey for Complainers !!!
    ( and I’m from So Cal )

  17. Soccer?….HAHAHA!….I’d think Hockey would do except they don’t really bring up the juice until playoff time…..Mens Lacrosse?…could have been except they quit being able to smear each other do to equipment (the stick) changes that make it like a tennis ball with a velcro mitt…..Look up some Canadian Box Lacrosse on YouTube from the 60’s….They buried goal tenders with their goalie sticks….eh….

  18. Lots of wings and hot dogs not being sold this year. Lots of Deli sandwiches either. Tailgate parties are not what they used to be. Gettogethers at the parking lot at Giant Stadium? There is no real excitement. (So I heard from a friend who was there last week.) Sunday afternoon parties at clubs like The American Legion, The Elks, K of C, etc are not attended like they used to be. Matter of fact, I went to the K of C Council yesterday. The Jet game was on but the four people in attendance were putting up Christmas lights for next weeks Christmas Party for the patients at a local mental hospital, and not watching the game.

    Som Thin Wong

  19. The only fans in those few seats are homeboys who live within 1/4 mile of the stadiums. Gee, why are they sitting so far away from the field? Because pot & crack & meth & heroin are illegal.

  20. Hoo boy. Requiem for a Heavyweight was too depressing. Typical late 50s early 60s drama.

    Time for something uplifting. Charlie Manson on the History channel.

    I have a direct tv subscription WHY?

  21. I don’t know who tom moe is but if he is getting a $4.00 hot dog and a $7.00 beer at a nfl stadium he is getting a helluva deal. Try 9 and 15 in seattle.

  22. It will take time.

    People who have season tickets will either not go to the game and waste their investment, or sell their ticket to someone else.

    Renewing tickets will be the kicker.

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