Weinstein Ruining It For Unprincipled Left

The left is in knots because of the old, fat, disgusting bastard Harvey Weinstein.

For some reason he is not getting the across-the-board defense by the entire left the way Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy did. Maybe it’s because Weinstein doesn’t set policy. Maybe because  donor money doesn’t seem to be getting the job done. Whatever the reason, feminists are not letting the left get away with their usual idiocy when erecting a double standard.

Take for instance, John Legend-in -his- own -mind. This imbecile said something that would normally go without challenge, giving the dumb bastard the feeling that he’s intelligent.

Well, we know he’s not intelligent, and in this Weinstein-climate even some of his fellow lefty feminists are letting him have it, leaving him tilting his head like a confused doberman.


The only way to make this worse for Republicans would be if the Republican President was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault ..

Does Trump’s behavior excuse Weinstein’s?
And, if Dems rightly condemned Trump, then they also should condemn Weinstein.

Sure, we should condemn him. And neither of them should be President of the United States.


Sounds reasonable enough. That’s when Legend offered up couple of other tweets, ones that we know to be idiotic, but in another time he’d get away with.

Holding a movie exec and the leader of the free world to the same standard is ludicrous.

My point is that putting them on the same plane is ridiculous. If Trump were just a reality show host and exec producer, then it makes sense


uh oh. Let the games begin

I must be reading (thread) this wrong, because it reads like one man’s history of sexual assault is less vile because of his profession.

The standard is: don’t sexually assault women. It’s the same for everyone. This should be obvious.

What standard would that be, sir? Not raping women? Should ALL men not be held to that standard?

Um, WHAT? Holding men to decency is defined by power-levels?
Are you kidding us?

I’m pretty sure we should hold everyone to the same standard of “don’t be a sexual predator” regardless of their job, my man.

Did the wokeness rot your brain? No one should be a sex predator. It’s not a particularly high standard for any man to meet.


 Because morality should be based on your station in life. That’s what makes it moral.

Sorry hundreds of women who Weinstein may have sexually harassed, your harassment isn’t as horrible because he’s just a movie exec.

No word from Legend yet.

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  1. Here’s the problem with the assumption.

    They claim that Trump is a sexual predator just like Weinstein, but if he really were, why is it the only women the Trump-Hating media trotted out during the election were ones whose stories fell apart like a cheap sweater in the wash.

    I do not assume that Trump’s behavior matches that of Weinstein’s. Because we all know if it did, these journalists who hate him would have found credible examples to parade in front of us day and night.

    But all they have is a twelve year old recording of Trump talking like a boorish guy to another boorish guy.

    Thin soup if you ask me.

  2. “….. putting them on the same plane”. What as passengers, crew? And this guy is a writer?

    And where are the myriad of women being charges against Trump? I’m certain CNN would have dug them up, by now. I seem to remember a few corpses dug up, that didn’t stand the test of sunlight.

  3. What could be more enjoyable: watching Weinstein taking on the NRA, or Weinstein groveling his way back to the top of the stinking Hollywood heap? I can’t wait for the Rehab Tour, when Weinstein goes on the talk shows with his wife to claim he’s a changed man.

  4. Okay, Lefties. All done here. You can go back to the commissary and giggle about how deep into 50 Shades Of Stupid you are again.

  5. Weinstein’a a Jew.

    Kennedy and Clinton aren’t.

    Nothing more need be said. All the prevarication on Earth won’t change that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Locker room talk between men is not sexual abuse. It might be appalling, creepy and offensive to some but no one is hurt. By even getting into this discussion we are forced to address their premise that Trump is a sexual predator. No thanks.

  7. I would say what Mika is doing is principled, in her own way.
    She is returning her 3 book deal money from Weinstein affiliated company if they don’t fire Weinstein.

    I hate her like poison, but that is stepping up to the plate and putting your money where your mouth is.

  8. Ashley Judd was shocked! Shocked and appalled by Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” talk, but not, apparently, by Winestein’s sexual advances and demands, early in her career, since she went on to make more movies for him. So she is only offended by sex talk by people she doesn’t like, but OK with sexual demands from people who can pay her a lot of money. I guess she really is a nasty woman.

  9. @Tony R October 8, 2017 at 5:07 pm – “So she is only offended by sex talk by people she doesn’t like, but OK with sexual demands from people who can pay her a lot of money.”

    I think there’s a profession for people who are OK with sexual demands from people who pay them money but I can’t quite remember what it’s called. The word starts with a “Wh” sound, I think. Gee, I wish I could remember…

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