What do you do with a problem like Pelosi?

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Liberal Representative Filemon Vela is renewing calls for a change in democratic leadership, saying the party doesn’t stand a chance of retaking the house in 2018 with Nancy Pelosi at the helm and calling the California Congresswoman a “drag on our candidates.”

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  1. A few democrats are starting to feel the Way America feels, Pelosi and the democrat party has been a ball and chain shackled to our lackadaisical economy, hurting families, destroying businesses, destroying healthcare, murdering babies and cheapening morality for decades.

    But again, democrats put politics of destruction before putting America’s needs first.

  2. a “drag on our candidates.” sounds like a microaggressive statement against trannies. I immediately call for Liberal Representative Filemon Vela to resign from whatever post/job she is holding.

  3. Not that this would happen, but what if we actually had both parties competing to make life better for the working class Americans, trying to outdo each other in managing the country efficiently and properly?

  4. If someone has been in Congress for more than eight years, they need to go. Long term Congress critters are no longer serving any Americans.

  5. treat her like the cancer she is, cut her out, irradiate her or inject her with drugs. probably won’t help though, she has stage four cranial rectitus

  6. Nancy Pelosi has a sordid history of bad policies and self-serving legislation but she has finally gotten to the point where she is most effective for the GOP.

  7. The Democrats have McCain helping their side and the Republicans have Pelosi helping their side. One does it on purpose the other does it unwittingly!

  8. Hey Filemon, it’s not Pelosi that is the drag, it’s your anti-American, anti-Life Liberalism that is the problem.Look in a mirror, you will see ethe problem.

  9. Not to worry. Nature will take its’ natural course and very soon this walking, talking withered mummy will be forced to crawl into her moldy tomb and close the lid.

    These power mad, corrupt democrats like Pelosi always live their lives like because of their positions in the seats of government, the rules of life, particularly mortality, do not apply to them.

    This communist, traitorous democrat octogenarian hag is shortly in for a huge surprise when the Grim Reaper comes to collect her wrinkled, smelly ass for a quick trip to hell. Soon Ted Kennedy, John McCain, and Pelosi will be having threesomes in hell.

  10. “What do you do with a problem like Pelousi,
    A fliberty gibbet
    A will-o-the-wisp
    A clown…….”

    I think the rest of you know the tune and can sing along.

  11. When she retires, the Republicans will have her G.O.P. Hall-of-Fame jacket ready.

    I don’t know why anyone would want her to leave? Do you want the horrible rival football team coach to be replaced with a better guy, or do you want to keep beating their ass every year?

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