What Lurks In Store Costumes Is No Treat

Health officials are warning consumers to be careful trying on Halloween costumes in the store this year, there may be an unwanted surprise left behind in that store hood or mask.





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  1. It’s been a long time since I cared about Halloween, but I don’t remember trying on costumes ever. Does this actually happen?

    The last few times I participated, I scrabbled my own costume together based on a concept.

    Seems to me that this Halloween thing has gotten completely out of control.

  2. The older I get the more I hate Halloween. Maybe I won’t be so grumpy around Halloween when my grandkids get a little older and they can enjoy it but until then bah humbug. I turn off my porch lights and close the curtains and don’t answer the door on Halloween. And besides I don’t need all that sugar and chocolate buzz either from eating too much candy.

  3. I was thinking about this issue when I saw a couple of some alien pronoun entities trying on those big animal head things at Walmart.

  4. If I have to try on something in the store, I chose from the back of the rack or bottom of the attack, products that have been least handled. Same for magazine racks, pharmacy shelves, etc…..

  5. When I was a kid, Dad’s old shirt and a crazy makeup job from Mother were my costume, along with a paper bag. Never had store bought.

  6. the women that dress like sluts, is that a lazy way to make a costume or is it the inner hooker that comes out? What happens when you offer them $5 for a trick, are they insulted or do they take the money?

    asking for a friend

  7. Home Depot actually has an insane Halloween offering including full head masks of a werewolf etc. and every time I’ve been in the store the last few weeks without fail I see both adults and kids trying it on and chasing each other around. I thought of how unsanitary and gross that was not even considering lice.

  8. I wipe down the entire front half of a cart with antibacterial wipes in the grocery store. Some lady I know watched me one time and asked me if I was a germaphobe.
    I said no, but that I did have a thing about unwashed babies from third world countries sneezing and slobbering all over the cart where I put my food. She rolled her eyes.
    Then I told her, I have not had a cold for four years. I think the light went on

  9. Last time I dressed up for Halloween was about 25 years ago. I pulled out and washed a floor length black ripped and tattered hooded “dress” that I made for a costume party when I was 19.

    Grabbed a horrible mask that my SIL left here (he would wear it while driving during Halloween season when he was in college) and answered the door with a lit candle under my chin.

    Scared the crap out of some little kids and the father ripped me a new one. Guess I shouldn’t have done it. Probably scarred them for life. Oops.

  10. Age 19… wore the same dress as above to a CYA Halloween Dance, except I used blue and green eye shadow ALL over my face and neck. My hair was ratted without comb out.

    I went by myself so no one of our crew knew who was in my costume. Big mistake.

    NO ONE, I mean no one asked me to dance. Dang I was scary.
    Guys were lined up to dance with the girls in their tutus. Huh!

  11. 1978. 3rd grade. Went to school for the Halloween parade with a plastic sword, black bedspread as a cape and an adult welding hood. Dad said I would pass for Darth Vader and I believed him. I BELIEVED HIM!


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