What Next?

This is not some Spinal Tap inspired mockumentary, Metalachi actually exists and as the band’s name suggest, they play heavy metal in the traditional mariachi style.

A recent BBC piece on the band Here

For Fans of Ozzy Osborne, Crazy Train done Mariachi style Here

How about Hot for Teacher? Watch


18 Comments on What Next?

  1. “…they play heavy metal in the traditional mariachi style.”

    Step back and recognize this is as non-sensical as non-binary sexual orientation. Not sure where you were going with this but the destination just doesn’t exist.

  2. I’ve had to listen to Mariachi “music” in an un-air-conditioned production floor in the middle of the dessert in Mexico at 3:00 AM in the morning being played thru bullhorns…. for weeks. Lemme tell ya, if the bullhorns weren’t bad enough, the hard acoustics of the factory floor wuz soooooooo bad it would make yer ears squint!!
    No, it wuzn’t a bad acid trip, it wuz for real!
    So now anymore when I hear that stuff I start twitching uncontrollably!
    Now you give me this shit!

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