What They Need is a Draw Muhammad Day

9 Comments on What They Need is a Draw Muhammad Day

  1. This would never have happened in the bat-eared, Kenyan twink were still in the Whitehouse. He had the mullah’s backs and everyone over there knew it.

  2. Made a Muhammad sculpture this morning. If this article had been up earlier, I’d have taken a picture before I flushed it.

  3. I have a good Iranian friend on Facebook. He LOVES PRESIDENT Trump. He’s keeping me updated and it is true. His shit government did cut off the internet. When he had a VISA in a European country last year he asked me how to defect. I asked a friend who lived there and he suggested I tell him to go to the American embassy and I passed the information along to him. He had an asylum hearing but was ultimately denied. As he was waiting for the verdict his VISA had expired and The Iranian Republican guard visited his parents house and asked when he was coming back. Fortunately, he came back without incident and his story was he was waiting to see if he was going to be accepted to college to study music. Jerry Manderin had a hand in trying to usurp the Iranian government! 😇

    He is in a rock band over there now and has a killer studio where he’s recording and producing music (VERY GOOD STUFF. Their lead guitarist is a major Gary Moore fan). He’s hoping and praying the mullahs crash and burn. I have another Iranian friend who drinks alcohol with friends but lays low so no one gets caught. Let’s all hope and pray Iran returns to the days before Jimmy Carter and the DEMOCRATS fucked it all up over there.

  4. So, it takes about 40 years of Islamic rule before people begin the process of tearing it down.

    May the guillotine wear out its blade.

  5. They had a revolution in 1979 so they could have this shitty government. The even captured and tormented 50 American hostages for over a year to celebrate. Now they want to say “my bad”! FUCK THEM! I hope the have along bloody miserable civil war. To hell with Iran


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