What’s the best way to protest if you think you’ve been called a monkey?

This might not be it.

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  1. I yearn for a place…a big island or small continent where real people could live their lives. A new constitution with absolutely no ambiguity, and a society without a victim mentality. And where everyone can think critically and even do Algebra.

  2. First Rhodesia then complete the destruction of S. Africa. Both were advanced countries, remember the first artificial heart?
    The destruction of western culture continues apace.

  3. Wouldn’t you just love it, for once, if some company showed some backbone and released a statement saying, “We were committed to working in the South African community but after yesterday’s savagery by a pack of wild feral animals, we are suspending all operations in that $HITHOLE.”

  4. Defamation of monkeys.
    As a pre-eminent monkey and one of the principle purveyors of monkey-shines, I am offended. My monkey hangers-on are offended. They’re threatening to act like humans if they’re sense of offense isn’t assuaged.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. They did this even after the model’s mother said this it was ridiculous to be angry about the ‘racist’ shirt?
    I wonder who told these idiots to do it and how much they were paid. Or did they pay themselves in clothing and accessories?

  6. Yep, they destroy their shit holes, can’t get any worse than that. The porch monkey’s are ignorant, leave them to themselves and they will destroy each other fast. Okay with me, I enjoy the entertainment.

  7. When blacks in America go ape-shit and flash mob through a mall, we are told it isn’t a “race thing”, but a “culture thing”. So here we have the same behavior, but a completely different culture, and the common denominator is race. Gets one to thinking, doesn’t it.

  8. They thought that by going with “H&M” that it would appeal to both.

    That one day humans and monkeys would join together, in the words of that almighty retailer’s spiritual, “buy one get one free at last”.

  9. It would be great if companies stop monkeying around and refuse to do business in communities where they’re not welcomed. After store damage due to mob violence – close up shop and move on.

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