What’s the Condiciones Actuales?

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  1. 6 foot 7 foot 8 foot bunch!
    Daylight come an me wan go home
    Da woman sweet she take yo money!
    Daylight come an me wan go home.

  2. I am ashamed at ALL of you for your sexist, misogynistic, drivel. She is not some show-piece (stop that sniggering!) the network just thrusts out (stop that sniggering!) every night to get a rise (stop that sniggering!) in ratings. She is a meteorologist!

    This is a network that is dedicated to professionalism. I know this because Brian Williams just signed on as news anchor.

  3. The great thing about this? When the femi-nazis start screaming about how this network is setting women back 50 years, Señorita Garcia’s hemline and heels gets higher.

    Because the Latino networks still know what draws in viewers — sex. And they don’t give a damn about some old harpy femi-nazis trying to decrease their revenue.


  4. sure, sure.. but that voice..uugh! just imagine pissing her off and then having to listen to her nagging and screaming at you in Spanish.. because, that’s what they do best..

  5. It doesn’t help at all when they use twice as many syllables in any given word they yell at you. It just makes them sound like they’re saying twice as much as they really are.

  6. No. Two kids, and she’d never get one leg in that dress.

    But the upside, Latino women are not neurotic about being sexy, like Anglo women are. No, they know that attractiveness is all about attitude and style and acting like a woman. That’s why John Wayne loved Latino women.

  7. First, there was spray-on hair. Then, spray-on tans and spray-on truck bed liners. Now… spray-on dresses.

    Don’t you love that opposable thumb and all the benefits it has created?

  8. This gives me some hope that the Mexicans who’ve come to my country will eventually turn into conservatives. After they get an awful eyeful of leftist “women” like Rachael Maddow, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, etc., etc., they may just rethink the whole leftist democrat thing.

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