When Will We Finally Hold Wicked Hillary Accountable?

American Thinker: Clearly, Hillary Clinton is a sociopath, willing to sacrifice any and everything to get what she wants.  Donna Brazile’s book exposed how Hillary and her DNC minions stole the presidential nomination from Bernie Sanders.  A normal person would run for cover, thankful he is not in jail.  But not Hillary.  This sick woman remains laser-focused, obsessed with plotting to reverse the election to steal Trump’s presidency.

Hillary is acting exactly like the little girl in the movie The Bad Seed.


In the movie, seemingly perfect and adorable eight-year-old Rhoda assumed she would win the perfect penmanship medal.  Her classmate Claude won the medal.  Outraged, Rhoda cornered Claude and demanded that he give her his medal.  When Claude refused, Rhoda murdered Claude and stole it.

In the midst of a tsunami of details surfacing regarding Hillary’s multiple character flaws, hypocrisy, and possibly facing thirteen criminal charges, Hillary remains defiant.  Still hell-bent on overturning the election, Hillary said, there are “lots of questions” about the legitimacy of Trump’s election.  Incredible.

The same way nothing distracted Rhoda from stealing Claude’s medal, Hillary will not be distracted from stealing Trump’s seat in the Oval Office.  Hillary is truly a scary sociopath.

In the movie, Rhoda deceptively came across, prim, proper, well mannered, and lovely.  Over the years, it has been obnoxious watching the DNC and fake news media portraying wicked Hillary as our superior in terms of compassion for women and minorities.  This is the same woman who said it is okay for a mother to kill her baby even on the day of the child’s birth.  read more

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  1. Ha! I think that comparison is an insult to Patty McCormick’s character (Rhoda). Hellary is closer akin to the PURE EVIL depicted in the movie The Fifth Element!

    We will NEVER see her punished, only neutralized like it the movie.

  2. The Clinton cartel will use every trick in the book to avoid prosecution. They will delay, postpone, deflect and obfuscate every charge. They know where all the skeletons are hidden, repubs and dems alike, and will use them to their advantage without mercy. Although their supporters ranks are dwindling they still have some very powerful people to rely on. I would love to see both or either of them hanging from their necks until dead however I believe they will keep using delaying tactics until they die naturally.

  3. Rhoda also murdered Seth I mean the janitor because he found her shoes with the cleats matching the wounds on poor Claude. Rhoda’s mother tried to murder her (late term abortion) then tried to kill herself.

    Finally Hillary I men Rhoda is killed instantly by a bolt of lightening.

    Stormy weather coming to the Clintons.

  4. “When Will We Finally Hold Wicked Hillary Accountable?”
    If the posting author means, “When will the American Justice System hold wicked Hillary accountable?” the answer is no. These sort of people are never held accountable, brought to justice, made to atone, or anything like that. Such things are for the little people, not their betters.
    Get over it, America.

  5. There are many sociopathic people in the Democratic Party…to some significant degree perhaps 70 percent whereas the general population might contain 6 percent…but there is one to watch out for, evil, psychopathic and devoid of humanity …Terry M..he is slouching toward us, planning.

  6. I don’t know how likely this is, but a very attractive scenario would be for H-Rod and Slick to get so much pressure that they push The Button and start releasing all the dirt they have on so many, many people. They are in position to decapitate the swamp power structure all by themselves. That would be delicious. I’m not holding my breath though.

  7. Post Trump and eight years of BHO and Mitch I would say you were right, but too big to jail has become too big To ignore. Keep the popcorn handy, it ain’t over yet. Have faith.

  8. Her problem is she’s as stupid as a typical leftwit therefore has no introspection and consequently, no self-awareness of how stilted and unnatural she is perceived to those who do.

    When she talks it’s like a screeching harridan opened the door to Hell. How on Earth can anyone not be sickened by her?

  9. She will never be held accountable. By anyone. Ever. The teflon pantsuit is untouchable, and our government refuses to prosecute or convict the political elite. Even though Trey Gowdy might start investigations, they end up going nowhere in spite of overwhelming evidence. We will never see an indictment or conviction be handed to Shrillary. Not gonna happen.

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