Which one is your favorite?

I like the stretchy one.


Oh by the way, check out her latest dumb comment:

Pelosi Tells House Members to Treat Trump Voters Like a Friend With a ‘Jerk’ Boyfriend.

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  1. The Dems and all of their childish BULLSHIT were the biggest losers of the night. Trump slayed it, and they came off looking bitter and petty. As usual.

  2. Personally, I prefer the constipated thought look of the first photo. And while I’m at it, there’s this from the attached article: “They made a judgment and they’re not willing to walk away from their own judgment,” she also said. Just like us with your judgment of you, Nancy. Except, of course, that ours is grounded in truth.

  3. Pelosi Tells House Members to Treat Trump Voters Like a Friend With a ‘Jerk’ Boyfriend.

    And we’ll treat the democrats like a bunch of petulant children with a bat-shit crazy mother in law, also with a dingbat for a daughter.

  4. We’ve been saying it for years, these people must be driven from the political arena and an example made of them that no one will ever follow in their footsteps.

    Last night went a ways towards completing that important service to the country.

  5. The one on the left. I can’t take credit for this but someone tweeted the caption:
    Trump flung open the Ark of the Coveneant on this bitch.

  6. You’ve outdone yourself, BFH!! Best photoshops of Pelosi yet!! You are one ruthless agit propagandist, BFH

    What’s that? These photos are real!! Get the fuck out of here .. Furskie!

  7. The first one where she looks like she went to her dentist for a checkup and her dentist inserted her index finger into her anus!

  8. All that cosmetic surgery is so obvious. Why didn’t she have her neck done? It’s like wearing an expensive cocktail dress with a white slip hanging beneath the hem by a couple of uneven inches.

    Anyway: She and her family need to leave politics. Another activist project for the list. Let’s get it done and get it done right, patriots.

  9. Wow, Dems. the KKK wore white as a nod to racial purity.
    I see those pics this way:
    left – before embalming
    center – after embalming
    right – what the embalmer had to do to straighten out her scowl.

  10. The expressions on the faces of Schumer, Schultz, Pelosi, and Franken showed disgust. They are truly horrible people. Horrible, I tell you.

  11. Pic #3 – the SaranWrap pic

    every time I see that cringe-worthy pic of Pelosi, her plastic-surgeoned SaranWrap skin reminds me of the actress Katherine Helmond in Terry Gilliam’s movie Brazil, where she has facial treatments with SaranWrap.

  12. Pelosi is the epitome of a Champagne Socialist. She’s beyond Limousine Liberal.

    She and her husband own tuna processing plants in American overseas possessions and they own some vineyards in California, using poorly-paid slave labour working under harsh, unsafe conditions.

    Can anyone tell me which tuna companies she sells to and which brands of wine she owns SO THAT I MAY BOYCOTT THEM?

  13. The mouth movements, like walking-corpse Bill Clinton’s, indicate either dementia, or someone on heavy antidepressants for a long, long time.

  14. this woman reminds me of when my dearly departed mother started to loose it-mentally- she would go off the wall with all types of weird comments and actions–. I miss her but I thank GOD he put her out of her misery at an early stage and didn’t prolong it for her or me. 🙁 Maybe GOD will do the same for nancy…. )

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