White House Comment Line Outgoing Message

Bumped and updated-

If you are having problems seeing the Twitter link below, here is the Youtube version:

This has to be heard to be believed. (Confirmed by Snopes.)

Trump is a gangsta! This is hilarious:

24 Comments on White House Comment Line Outgoing Message

  1. I spent yesterday morning trying to call the WH
    comment line. Busy every time. I’ve been very
    convicted about the need for this, especially
    the past few weeks.

    I’m a resident of Florida; I did send emails to Gaetz and Rubio.
    They need to hear from us, we need to make our expectations
    known, loud and clear. I don’t care if they’re not
    on the committee that deals with whatever…I voted
    for them and I also voted for Trump. I expect them to
    support this President, vigorously and visibly.

    The President needs our prayers and encouragement.
    Not wishin and hopin and good vibes, but a real prayer

  2. Moe click on the twitter link they had the the mute button on the video turn it off and you can hear it.
    Then read some of the comments, these folks have no idea what is rolling down the pike at their past leaders.
    All they hear is Russia and Meuller . Hatch act and ethics is their battle cry. The are mad as hell, and is fun to see.

  3. Of course the left late night commie tools will parody this, but the truth can’t be denied. President Trump is a master strategist and showman.

  4. I hope they’re shut down for 6 months. Make 1/2 of them quit… well, except for the military….

  5. “One banana creme pie with whipped cream!”
    “One banana creme pie with whipped cream!……Pick up pie!”
    “Your pie, sir!”” *thwak!*

  6. Hunh. I would never have heard about this if it weren’t for Twitter and YouTube. Thanks for spreading Trump’s message, fascist corporate entities!

    @Davidmackau is liable to lose his Blue Checkmark if he’s not careful.

  7. MAGA!!!

    My nephew is 82nd Airborne, deployed to Afghanistan/ TurdWorldShithole and he is and his mates are PISSED that the Armed Foreces Network is shut down due to the Schmuck Schumer Shitshow. FYI – they LOVE Trump.


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