White woman accused of supporting Trump gets robbed, groceries thrown at her in Bronx deli

When will the left condemn this? Trump needed to apologize for everything his supporters did. Actions by his supporters were his responsibility.

When do the actions of the left against Trump supporters reflect on the left in general?

They won’t call it out because they condone this crap. They have successfully painted him with the racist brush, so anything done against Trump or his supporters is justified. So, if you like Trump’s policies on trade, taxes and the economy, it’s okay for someone to bash your skull in because “Trump is a racist.”

Wait’ll the next Dem president is elected. Just wait.

With the incident below, the only condemnation will be, “hey, make sure they are really a Trump supporter before you harass, assault and bash them.”


A 32-year-old white woman stepped into a Bronx deli for a late-night sandwich after work — and was accused of being a President Trump supporter by two strangers who threw groceries at her and then robbed her, police sources said Wednesday.

The victim, her roommate told the Daily News, is most definitely not a Trump fan.

But the suspects, possibly teens, saw her differently.

“You stupid white c—,” they yelled at the victim inside the Musa Gourmet Deli on Jerome Ave. near E. 167th St. in Highbridge about 3 a.m. Dec 2.

“You think you can live here in the Bronx, you Trump supporter? You white b—h!”

Her attackers started flinging store goods at her.

Zid Ali, 31, the deli manager, said when one of the suspects grabbed the woman’s bag, which she had placed on the counter, “she said she was going to call the cops, so the other one took her phone.”

“They ran out,” he added, “and she ran after them.”

But the suspects got away and are still being sought. The NYPD’s Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the incident.

“She is no fan of the President,” said the roommate, who asked her name not be printed. “How can you live in the Bronx, with all kinds of people, and support Trump?”

The roommate said the suspects got away with the victim’s phone, money and keys.

The distraught victim, who was heading home after a long shift at a Manhattan restaurant, contacted police later that day. There have been no arrests


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12 Comments on White woman accused of supporting Trump gets robbed, groceries thrown at her in Bronx deli

  1. Chances are she voted for hillary and probably for de blasio. If so she voted for this and deserves what she gets.

  2. I’m not saying the ‘stupid white cunt’ deserved what she got, whether she’s a Trump voter or hater. It doesn’t matter. But did the ‘stupid white cunt’ not see this coming when her ‘stupid white cunt’ SJWs friends or associates started enabling the BLM? The funny thing about creating a disease is the disease always gets out of control. Idiots.

  3. “BLAM BLAM BLAM” Yes your honor , I was in fear of my life and the lives of everyone in the deli.

    case closed

  4. If the non-white races were capable of racism, then I would have an explanation for this.
    Perhaps some geophysical anomaly occurred nearby.
    Did anybody notice any Chem-trails in the sky that day?

  5. The din du nufings harass you whether you support Trump or not! Think maybe the poor little POS’s just don’t like white people! Who knew!!!

  6. And dumbasses wonder why there is “white flight” from neighborhoods where white people have become the minority. We leave because we become TARGETS for race motivated violent crime! But of course self preservation is raaaaacist.

  7. ah, the tolerant socialists … won’t be long before the progressives start spray-painting ‘Juden’ on the storefronts

  8. “I can’t believe it…they attacked me for being white, even though I’m a Liberal! It’s like they judged me on the color of my skin and not the content of my character!”


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