Whoa – Bill O’Reilly on America’s Race Problem

Everything O’Reilly says in this video has been said before, but Billo puts it all together and speaks with lots of passion. The resulting rant is a keeper. Well done O’Reilly.

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  1. The Welfare Industry thrives on out-of-wedlock births. Since LBJ created “The Great Society” the African-American community has been in a downward death spiral. It was designed, contrived and implemented to re-implement the Democratic Jim Crow Laws and Black Codes, destroyed by Republicans and northern liberals in the 1950s/60s.

    Or, as old LBJ proudly told Lester Maddox after the Great Society was created, “I’m gonna have them n*****s votin’ Democratic for a hun’erd years!”

    Every time I go drive past the LBJ Ranch, it is with middle finger extended.

  2. i agree,


    how come white males raised by single women don’t commit crimes at such a high rate as the blacks? shouldn’t they be the same?

  3. Bill: Most of the fathers may not have married the mother. But they never abandoned thier children. I have neices that are unwed mothers. Yet their children have strong male influences involved with them. There is a big difference between black and white extebded families.

  4. Being poor is not an excuse for immorality.

    But Democrats – and some Republican – generally think it is.

  5. The “Civil Rights Industry”. Hit the nail on the head. If problems were solved, the aforementioned hucksters would be out of a job. They perpetuate everything negative and don’t give two shits for the Black Community. We all know it. As far as unwed mothers are concerned, they are destroying all communities, not just black ones.

  6. I used to like Bill O, but his ego has gotten too big, and he seems to believe that he is the only person who can have a valid opinion, especially is yours differs from his. That being said, every once in a while, he gets it right. But then again, so does that dicknose Maher.

  7. More of the same Bill O and maybe people will start watching again.

    His contract is up next year so maybe he’ll use his remaining time wisely.

  8. The key word here was “decision.”

    Getting pregnant in your teens, using drugs, joining gangs, dropping out of school–all these are BAD decisions that perpetuate the violence, poverty, and hopelessness of our inner cities. I see this cycle ALL day, EVERY day, in my work at New York City Family Court.

    One of my biggest complaints about President Obama is that he consistently fails to acknowledge the role that personal choices play in poverty. According to him and his sheeple followers, it’s just that all these poor, unfortunate little Negroes are being kept down by The Man, some kind of racist boogeyman.

    Fuck him. 183 more days.

  9. Throw a rotten apple into a barrel of good apples; they all rot.
    Throw a good apple into a barrel of rotten apples; they STILL all rot.

    The decay and dissolution experienced in the negro community is spreading, not contracting. Within many of your lifetimes (I will, thankfully, be dead) you will witness the same effects in the caucusoid youth, and eventually, the mongoloid.

    Hussein Obola is a SYMPTOM of a more serious sociological/political disorder.
    Mr. Trump is a RESPITE.

    Time will tell, of course.

    As for Mr. O’Reilly, I believe he means well, but lives within a bubble of his own fantasy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. I loved that recent Adam Corolla vid that was making the rounds (I think it was posted at IOTWr) in which he’s talking about all the people who want gov’t help, “So here’s this young woman who asks, ‘I’m a single mom with five kids under ten and didn’t finish high school and can’t find a decent paying job. What are you going to do for me?'” “Nothing! You screwed up your life. You had your chance and you just screwed it up too bad.”

    If everyone understood that sometimes you only have one chance to get it right and that more right choices lead to more positive results. But we’ve created a society where nothing is meant to last and everything has a reset if it gets screwed up.

    Of course, belief in God Almighty, who sees and judges all, would be the place to start.

  11. He’s dancing around the truth. bill asks the pertinent question, “…how come white males raised by single women don’t commit crimes at such a high rate as the blacks? shouldn’t they be the same”

    We’re all human beings and we’re different. There is no getting around the Bell Curve-it’s indisputable evidence. There are IQ tests that are 100% race neutral that consistently show black have IQs 1-2 standard deviations lower then whites just as whites have IQs ~1 standard deviation lower then east asians.

    Addressing this gets you labeled a racist. The NBA and NFL have black players way out of proportion to their percentage of the population but pointing that out gets you labeled a racist too. You can’t fucking win. In today’s PC climate there’s no point anymore in discussing this. If you’re not physically attacked, at the very least you’re a pariah.

    I watched a video of Jarad Taylor going onto a college campus to debate someone with an opposing view. The guy was gleeful that the huge influx of POC to our country would be the 1-2 punch of overwhelming numbers and breeding that will eliminate whites. This is what we face.

    My advice is simply to avoid them AMAP.

  12. I agree, I don’t think he’s a commie. But he is a holier than thou and a smug motherfucker. A smuggerfucker, if you will.

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