Who Is Responsible?

Yesterday, Yahoo! News ran a feature on the run down, dilapidated New York state park named for the current president.

The author insinuates that it is Donald Trump’s fault for not also gifting the state an endowment to maintain the 436 acre grant to the state despite the fact that New York won’t even budget an annual $2,500 to care for the property.  More

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  1. Update: 13th Circuit Court Judge L’Arva Biggins-Bottoms has issued a Seize & Resist Order for Trump to pay $30,000,000 per year for upkeep and improvements to the Park. Trump is reportedly smashing dishes in rage.

    Had ya going there for a minute, Larry the Liberal.

  2. After Trump’s presidency, there will be a National Park, National Monuments, airports, etc. named in his honor and it will be visited by millions!

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow…..

  3. Trump should fill it with all the Confederate statues that the effing States pulled down. And fill it with landmines. For laughs.

  4. Bottom line, New York is acting like a one sided Liberal without the foresight of what the Park could be !
    Frankly I’m surprised they haven’t erected Genitalia statues yet !

  5. I hope Trump gets the land back since it was not maintained and makes it into a grand place with his name on it. And be sure to include features to make liberal heads explode.

  6. It’s Yahoo News so it’s not as if anybody reads it. I suspect Yahoo will be gone in a couple of years which although they’re lefty morons will mean that Alphabet Inc (Google, YouTube etc) will be the only real player left in the search engine game (Bing will be a distant second) and that’s a very, very bad thing.

  7. Donald, give that acreage to me, I’ll take care of it and make sure it is a credit to your name.
    With your help I’ll make it a zero net project with an encore. Just contact BigFurHat.

  8. 🔔 Liberals can’t even manage their own state parks?

    Don’t they have enough stamp taxes, sugar taxes, and tea taxes to cover all this?

  9. Remind me in a year or two when every recently named Barack H. Obama Middle and High School is in disrepair and doesn’t have heat in the winter.


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