Why Men Shouldn’t Write Advice Columns

What? I think he did an excellent job.

h/t Michael Mac

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  1. The advice seems sound, but it may be easier to just take the car to a qualified mechanic. Perhaps she can borrow the neighbor’s car?

  2. Cato,
    Maybe her “running out of gas” is the reason he resorted to the girl next door. 19 year olds rarely “run out of gas,” so to speak.

  3. No she didn’t! My friend and I were on the freeway going to work when our car broke down.
    We didn’t panic, instead we waved and showed our pretty legs in high heels. Took all of 3 seconds to get a ride and he was pretty cute too. When we called our husbands and told them what we did they both showed up in lightening speed. One took us to work and the other got the car to a repair shop. That poor woman didn’t have a proper girls education or she wouldn’t be in this mess.

  4. She needs to adjust her throttle. A two-handed choke position with both thumbs directly beneath his Adam’s apple should do the trick.


  5. .45-70

    I’ve got some smart ass friends that send me weird shit. That hit my inbox about the same time this tread started. I figured it was car related. LOL.

  6. She did leave that didlo behind. That was the athletic Philippine girl pulling dents out of peoples cars. We’re thinking about franchising. We just can’t come up with a name. So far we’ve come up with, “Let us Dick With Your Car” and “Yank Me Crank Me”. However the last one she came up with and those are the only English words she knows.

  7. @joe6pak: How else are you going to attach it to she shower tile?

    Or the refrigerator.

    Or the washing machine (“Thumpa-thumpa-thumpa!…”)


  8. @Bad_Brad: That gives me an idea. You could buy a bunch of those things, sneak into an amusement park at night after hours, and turn all the merry-go-round horses into unicorns.

    Can you imagine the surprised looks on the parents’ and kiddies’ faces the next day?


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