Why You Should Touch Nothing When You’re Out in Public

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  1. You don’t have to convince me. I wash my hands after I check the mail box and go through the mail.
    I don’t know what the postman was doing in his boxcar before he rolled up. LOL.

  2. @MJA: Sometimes when it’s been raining, my mail will arrive wet. I understand that. However, this summer, when it was very hot and very dry, I noticed some of the letters were slightly damp on one edge. I was puzzled at first, but then I remembered how the postman carries his mailbag: tucked up underneath his arm.

    Keep washing those hands.


  3. Yea, Well I eat germs and
    never wash my hands.Dat’s right!
    The more germs that enter my body
    and I survive them the STRONGER my
    body becomes… send a frickin’ Eskamo
    to Central American and he will get sick and
    die in one month.Send a Bangladesh dude to
    Central America and he can drink from the sewer…
    and you people that rug your hands with that fake-me-out alcohol shit HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What percentage of people do you see leaving a public bathroom without washing their hands?

    “But I only touched my scrotum and penis to go PEE! Oh, and a little dribble on my fingers, but so what?”

  5. @Half-Assed: I couldn’t tell you what percentage of people engage in that practice, because I don’t closely monitor the bathroom behavior of other males.

    They’ve got a name for guys who do that.

  6. I live in Nevada. You know what I would NEVER touch? A slot machine or ANYTHING in a casino!! Even sleeping in hotel beds gives me the creeps.

  7. I carry travel-sized Lysol spray and Lysol wipes with me everywhere. Required for trips to the local germ rich petri dish called Walmart. Also, I wash my hands routinely.

  8. That hepatitis outbreak in San Diego is a prime example of what can happen if you’re not careful.
    And the untreatable Black Plague is on the way.

  9. Aside from homegrown indolent dumb asses, we now have bammy’s unfettered multi-culti of recent years…an influx of people that think 2 fingers and a bowl of h2o is pure and we are the nasty ones because we use charmin. I behave accordingly.

  10. I avoid touching my face with my hands. I wash them so often, the skin dries out. Door Handles, stair railings, checkstands…… germs everywhere.

  11. Radio–man has a point: my siblings and I used to swim in the Ohio River in Pa BEFORE sewage plants and control of industry(steel mills) dumping toxic waste into the water. We chose a swimming hole between two outlets for the sewage.
    No one bathed everyday, washed our hair on Saturday only. We’re all still here, well into our old age without a lot of ails that plague other seniors. No one has asthma, allergies, and all the other ills people associate with “bad air and water”.
    There is no such thing as “germ free”, so embrace the germ and build a tolerance that will protect you better than penicillin.

  12. OK OK OK most germs won’t hurt you, but wash wash wash your hands against the ones that can kill you.

    But even with good hand washing on your part, the restaurant Typhoid Mary can infect you with life threatening illness..

    just sayin’

  13. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    There should be a law though against leggings. I can’t understand how women can look in a mirror and think they look good in them. It will be a happy day when this fad ends.

  14. 100 to 1 she’s been on welfare a looooooong time. She got that fat on our dime. Pisses me off to see half stoned, hugely fat, smelly, lazy, niglish speaking, gummit dependent dead beats, with overflowing grocery carts full of unhealthy food, paying with half a dozen EBT cards.

  15. I believe when sporting the “whigga pants below the butt crack” look fails due to rolls of flab preventing the intended effect, its time for a new fashion statement.

  16. Black people are the reason why we have hand sanitizer (hanitizer) in the first place.

    Whenever you look down in a parking lot and see a dental pick along with a completely cleaned chicken bone, you know it’s time to wash your hands. They were there before you!

  17. Think there is no God?

    Then you are oblivious to what Science to this day still can’t fathom about our multi-faceted, multi-layered, redundant and intelligent Immune System !!!!!

    Consider the generations of our ancestors before even soap!

    Glory to God in the highest.

  18. I know a person who received a minor cut on his leg while in Europe on vacation. Before he could return to the states it became a flesh eating virus. He was lucky to still be alive.

  19. Brown Eyed Girl – YES! The casinos. I got the Flu so bad one year I couldn’t get up except to use the bathroom, and I know it was because of a casino. I usually wash my hands before I leave there and when I get home I change my clothes, wash up, etc., But that time, I must have slipped and touched my mouth or rubbed my eyes while I was there. UGH! Never happened again, that’s for damned sure.

  20. Most viruses take 3 days to take affect. I noticed years ago that after going to the store or mall, 3 days later is when I’d get sick. Been washing after getting home ever since.

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