Winter Wonderland

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  1. The doggehs! I just love them! Our pups fully enjoy walks in the snow (thought melting the little snow balls that form on and stick to their fluffy fur is a pain). These pics make me yearn for a white Christmas! Thank you, Claudia!

  2. I love the jaunty eared squirrel.
    Makes me think they are jaunty by nature.
    Perhaps they are..
    Thanks again Claudia, I look forward to this post every Sunday.
    One of the best parts of my Sunday mornings

  3. The critters jumping and running and playing in the snow is a sure sign Christmas is just around the corner.
    Thank you Claudia for a wonderful year of beautiful photos this is one of my favorites!

  4. I like the dancing bears ……………..
    I think I sawz that skwirl – he thriew that snowball at me.

    they talk to me and trhow things at me ………… I see em . but I cantz catch em ……….

  5. Love the pictures. Thank you Claudia.

    BTW, my last name is Snow and when my husband tells people his last name he says, “Snow, you either love it or hate it.”

    I love it!


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