WNBA raises money for planned parenthood

(CNSNews.com) – On Thursday, June 15, the WNBA team Seattle Storm announced that it would be partnering with Planned Parenthood to hold a fundraising rally and donate $5 for each ticket purchased on July 18 for the Storm’s game against the Chicago Sky.

The WNBA’s average viewership per game is about 224,000, which is more than 100,000 less than the total number of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood in 2015-16.

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23 Comments on WNBA raises money for planned parenthood

  1. Yea ! Seattle.
    Lets celebrate the Federal Government granting $500,000,000 to those who murder and dismember Babies for profit.

    $5 for every ticket sold and an auction of sweaty shoes and soiled shorts of the lesbian WNBA players after the game.

  2. Trump needs to completely defund PP.

    Then IRS needs to revoke their nonprofit status.

    Then Federal law against selling baby parts needs to be enforced. CEO IwantanotherLamborghini needs to do some Federal time.

  3. When I was a kid, I never saw a “woman” who looked like Lisa Brummel. It’s interesting that “she” would have any say on abortion.

  4. Interesting, like there any chance of a WNBA player becoming pregnant. Anyway, if that $5 per ticket donation is on actual paid tickets and not on free or otherwise promo ones I suspect a whopping $37,500 will soon be winging it’s way to local PP Abortion Centre. In any event with attendence steadily dropping (something like 6,500 per game and decreasing) they may not be around long as even Microsoft and the other main sponser have limits. In fact I wonder how the hell they make payroll and bills now.

  5. The WNBA is nothing but dykes. That one on the right needs to know bras should be replaced more frequently than every 20 years. Talk about sagging to the knees.

  6. Well, even heavyset self-segregating Lesbians still crave attention from men.

    They must have some convoluted passive-aggressive illogic that compels them to publicly obsess about “reproductive rights” to somehow keep alive some flickering ghost of their sexual potential.
    Fat lesbians must deeply resent that they can only get other fat lesbians. The unwanted consoling themselves with the other unwanted.
    Then they move in together, combine cat herds, quarrel about furnishings, and sulk over Lesbian Bed Death.

  7. The WNBA, hah! Even fewer viewers and fans than the men’s league! I get a kick out of seeing a WNBA game on the tube, and I watch for 4 seconds to see a vast arena of empty seats. BORING. and the gals, or whales, there, whoa!

  8. Announcing their intent to donate to PP in advance, I wonder how much lower their ticket purchase and attendance will go?
    Even if I were a WNBA devotee, knowing that a portion of my ticket money was going to PP would make me abstain.

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