Woke Conservatives And The Awesome Power Of Not Caring

Kurt Schlichter: Have you noticed that if you fail to do, think, and vote exactly the way that the liberals and their Fredocon minions demand, you’re a racist, sexist, homophobic, child molesting, greedy, NRA terrorist determined to murder kids? Yeah, you probably have. And you’ve probably also realized that if you do everything that the liberals and their Never Trump minions demand, you’re still a racist, sexist, homophobic, child molesting, greedy, NRA terrorist determined to murder kids.

When you understand that, you’re on your way to being conservative woke.

And when you’re conservative woke, you’re ready to deploy the most powerful non-bullet firing weapon in your liberty-loving arsenal – your devastating capability not to give a damn what the liberals and their Conservative, Inc., cruise-shilling Benedict Arnold buddies say.

When you don’t care anymore, they got nothing.

What are these whiny weasels going to do to you anyway? Not like you? Think bad things about you? Taunt you a second time?

Look. Learn. Accept the harsh truth.

They hate you.

They hate you.

They hate you.

No matter how you try to please them, regardless of whether or not you comply with their every command, that will never change.

They hate you. Govern yourself accordingly.  MORE

11 Comments on Woke Conservatives And The Awesome Power Of Not Caring

  1. Prog Asshole: Prove to me you’re not a racist!!!…

    Sane Person: I don’t have to.

    Prog Asshole: I’m gonna call your boss and tell him you’re a racist!!!

    Sane Person: Go ahead… She won’t care.

    Prog Asshole: So… She’s a racist too, huh?!!!

    Sane Person: She’s Chinese.

    Prog Asshole: Well FUCK YOU!!!… I’m calling the cops!!!

    Sane Person: Go ahead. They won’t care.

    …ad infinitum…

  2. The Simpsons sang it best, “Just don’t look!”

    Their power to shame and berate you don’t exist of you just do what TRUMP does, just ignore them, and then mock them in return.

    It’s all name-calling and violence now. Don’t bother arguing with them.

  3. Oooh, ooooh! Mr. Schlichter!

    What if I “prove” that their prinxesses are thieving liars!? Then They’ll like me, right? And worship me, for being so educumated. And make me their new prinxess! Right, Mr. Schlichter?

  4. Love the meme! Perfect!!

    I wonder what the Left hates most about conservatives? I bet it’s that we’re generally happy people who can adjust.

  5. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt. If you let someone get inside of your head, that person has power over you and will probably make your life miserable.

    The progs I know, which are most of my colleagues, don’t even bother to try anymore because I know me better than they know me, and because I really don’t care what they think of my political views. I’m more tenacious than that – I continually get in their heads. They don’t make fun of Sarah Palin anymore because I match them with Pelosi, Waters and Jackson stories and statements. And they get really pissed when I continually refer to Elizabeth Warren as Fauxcahauntes.

    That’s one of the things I really like about Trump; he doesn’t care what progressives think and he spends so much time in their heads they should charge rent. CNN is trying, and failing to destroy Trump and is ruining their network in the process. The never-Trumpers are exceptionally cheesed that Trump doesn’t even bother to insult them anymore, and they are like 5th graders standing in the corner shouting “hey, look at me.” Trump knows that there are many people who will disagree with anything he does, including getting up in the morning, and he spends approximately zero time out of his day trying to placate them.


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