Woman crushed by Boston drawbridge




BOSTON (AP) — A woman walking across a Boston drawbridge was crushed to death Tuesday after an operator raising the bridge for a boat to pass heard her screams and lowered it, accidentally trapping her between the two plates, investigators said.

The woman was crossing the bridge around noon when a bridge operator, not aware that she was on the bridge, began raising it for the boat in the Chelsea River. The woman grabbed hold of one of the sides of the bridge and the operator immediately lowered it when he heard her scream, but she became trapped in between the plates and suffered massive trauma, police said.

“I couldn’t see her, but I could hear her,” witness Waldina Garcia, 47, told the Boston Globe. “She was screaming and screaming and screaming.”

The woman, who wasn’t identified, was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators called her death on the Meridian Street Bridge, which connects Chelsea and East Boston, an accident.



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  1. There are no laws in Boston, only guidelines, and DemocRATs only observe those if they feel like it. This one paid the price.

    Feel sorry for the bridgetender. He’ll have to sue to get his back pay.

  2. We have draw bridges here in California. A car load of foreigners went around the alarm arm on the 3-mile Island Bridge here, and met the river below. All died including small children. However, the woman in the story got the worse offering of the bridge.

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