World’s First MUSLIM TOY Shop

Her range boasts products including Muslim Barbies – dubbed Hijarbie – which cost £24.99, prayer mats costing £17, Arabic alphabet blocks for 12.99 and Ramadan bunting at the price of £9.



PamelaGeller: The owner of the world’s first toy shop has launched the world’s first Muslim-only toy shop in “a bid to help battle extremism.” How does a store that sells icons of oppression, subjugation and supremacy battle “extremism” (aka jihad)? On the contrary, it supports it and further encourages separatism, anti-integrationism, hatred of the other, and misogyny.

The real Barbie (a Jewish girl) is spinning in her grave.


102 Comments on World’s First MUSLIM TOY Shop

  1. Those dolls aren’t going to last very long with all the beatings, amputations, and beheadings.

    “Do you carry muhammad on an impaling spike?”

  2. I have a board game idea for them. It’s called Clue (name shamelessly stolen), and the objective is to find clues to how to be a tolerant mohammadman in the modern world. The winner is the first one to realize there are no clues.

  3. Are their children aowef to play a version of ‘cowboys and Indians, (which our children cannot play?

    -Jihadists and Christians
    -Islamists and gays?
    -Islamist Jeopardy? (Oh, damn)
    -Islamist Family Feud (the stage would have to be enlarged to allow all of the wives.)
    -Queen For A Day (all one islamist’s wives compete)
    -Islamist Price Is Right (guess the value of prospective wives).

  4. @Uncle Al, how about a version of the old “Operation” game in which the players get to perform genital mutilations?

  5. I know this might not be popular but I looked at the barbie dolls and I don’t have a problem with it IF the little girl believes in that. When I was little I loved playing with and dressing up my Barbies. Here’s my problem. What if this was an evangical or Mormon Barbie, or whatever the Christian belief where they don’t wear pants or show

    shoulders. Imagine the media and lefty outcry over war on women.

  6. Isn’t this getting OT of a little kid toy store? Not everyone uses sex toys and it brings the topic down to the level of the left.

  7. I forgot, at a young age they are most useful as human shields. They can learn the other islamic terrorist skills when they are old enough to get married (i.e. 6 years old).

  8. Locoblanco I didn’t mean that and I’m sure you know it. But what do sex toys have to do with a kids toy shop? I’m not PC, I’m not a pacifist, I’m not a rise above lay down no violence. I pride myself on not being PC and don’t give a fuxk, get over it buttercup. I have more than one gun and if it’s you or me then it’s me, I don’t think people should be attacked for going to rallies but should take the higher road and allow it. I wouldn’t and no one should. Wasn’t it our very own potus that said if they bring a knife you bring a gun? I’m simply saying this is about a child toy site and not about sex toys, why bring it down to level of the left.

  9. Bad Brad want to test it and see? Please do. Would you like me to list them before I aim at you? I mistakenly thought this was a site where we could comment on articles and not be attacked by other posters. Grow up.

  10. Remingon 870, Ruger 10/22, Glock model 41 45 caliber. I can put them all between your eyebrows. Would you like to test it to,post? I don’t understand why you attack posters for having an opinion on an article.

  11. Listen, I’m going to say this once, and last time here.
    Everyone’s welcome here.
    If you don’t like the thread, the topic, whatever, go to another one.
    You don’t HAVE to comment,
    you don’t HAVE to play hall monitor.
    It’s rude to derail a thread by starting a slap fight.
    Do we have randy commenters? Yeah, we do.
    Do we have funny as hell sarcastic commenters? yep. them too.

    You don’t like it? Hit the HOME button and go to another thread.
    If you can’t deal with what’s being said without getting your knickers twisted-
    We’re not for you.

    Have a nice day.

  12. Mja I didn’t. I was attacked for simply having an opinion and included among other things that I believe in the right to bear to arms, it really had nothing to do with guns. Your bad Brad brought it up. But nice to know that someone that posts articles is also attacking me. I use to really like this site for the articles and humor, and even comments, I’m seeing it completely different.

  13. Whatever, I disagree. But so sorry to offend the sensitivities here. Oh wait, wasn’t that what I was accused of?

  14. Also, you started the hall monitoring- Readers made their comments, left their opinions which you criticized, first.

    And we’re done here.
    Have a nice day.

  15. I also made a comment, didn’t you say all are welcome? I wasn’t combative, I didn’t discount, just said I thought the comments were ot of the article. But I see what this site is all about now, don’t worry I won’t be back.without you telling me

  16. And I didn’t critize or attack anyone, I had a different opinion. Although I don’t know even critizing has sent some running to their safe space, as appears here. However, I had an opinion, that’s all. So sorry if the snowflakes didn’t like it.

  17. I never heard of oaf, I looked it up, it certainly isn’t flattering.
    Bad Brad, ty I’m very relaxed. I’m not the one that has to be told that. I can deal with lumps and bumps, and expect to get if i give, but being prettily attacked for a difference of opinion is not what I excepted from a not lefty site.

  18. Especially since the article was about Barbie dolls and the comments were about sex toys. I didn’t disagree with the comments, just didn’t see how they applied to the article about Barbie dolls and a site solely for Muslims when any other site for any other belief would be attacked.

  19. I saw a horrific video of a 64 yo homeless womanbeing beaten for her opinion. In America! Aside from you sit in your home behind your computer, explain to me the difference . Especially because I’m agreeing, just not agreeing with the seriousness of the post. You’re all up in arms I’m sure, talk wise, about that brave woman. But behind you’re safe space you’re just as bad, worse maybe. You even attack your own. I never attacked one single here.

  20. And there you go “bad Brad” oaf. Just when I started thinking ok maybe he’s not so bad, just misunderstood me and got caught up, you prove me wrong. Unlike you, I’ve never been afraid to say I’m wrong. But I should read and more on right mja? I’m the one right?

  21. I was taught to respect my elders, but that no longer comes free bad Brad. I give respect when respect is given,it’s a two way street. Oaf

  22. Anon,

    Because your comment is “anonymous” it’s one of the reasons you’ve garnered immediate attention by the original poster.

    I have no idea if you’re a longtime reader or just showed up yesterday.
    iOTW does not require registration and for the most part comments are unmoderated.

    So when a comment even hints at being of the hall monitor variety, especially from an unknown, it’s going to be treated as one from a hostile actor.

    Additionally, we are not particularly open to the idea of doing anything that changes the culture to welcome Islam into America.
    Muslims are welcome, as long as they denounce Islam for what it is, a gutter religion based on violence and subjugation and world dominance.

    Your comment answered its own question.
    The makers of Barbie never did a Christian Barbie, a Mormon Barbie, a Hindu Barbie.
    Why the Muslim Barbie?
    WTF is so special about Muslims, especially in 2016 when Muslims are responsible for most of the world’s violence?
    It’s a company trying to show how “open-minded” they are.
    Sorry, it’s simply dhimmitude and emboldens jihadists and tells them they are winning.

    Have fun in the comments.

  23. I’m confused. Anonymous said, “When I was little I loved playing with and dressing up my Barbies”. Yet Brad refers to Anonymous as “him”. So either Brad is confused, too, or else he knows something about Anonymous that the rest of us don’t.


  24. Vietvet,

    “When I was little I loved playing with and dressing up my Barbies. ”

    Obviously a guy. Wada ya thinking?

  25. BFH, i truly appreciate you seeing what I said, about the Muslim Barbie. Yes I agree, my comment did answer, why is it acceptable for a Muslim Barbie but no others. I didn’t understand all the comments about sex toys, wtf does that have to do with Barbie or a post about a toy shop. I’m not all yay go Islam, but I never said that either.

    I don’t understand the hall monitor thing. Nor do I understand being attacked for not having a screen name, although one has been suggested. I’ll pass thanks. It’s been a while since Ii giggled at elementary humor.

    I know you don’t require registration, it’s actually one of the things that I admire. On some sites registration creates a cult llike bully atmosphere that diminishes the article. although I’ve never posted I have read, I know you have no way to verify that. I finally voiced an opinion, not in favor of Islam but about the article and well……..
    Then it turned into an attack on me. And Mja saying I was weird for bringing up guns. Well I didn’t. But I now I’m being accused of offending for bringing up guns. Colored me confused.

    BFH, I appreciate you posting especially since I think this is your site? I certainly never thought it would get this far. But as a long time reader, which I know you can’t tell, I never saw this side.

  26. Well, this thread has certainly taken a turn or two or three. Hahaha.

    Weird how that happens sometimes.
    But. When you think of muslims the first things that come to mind are ‘fun loving’ and ‘love of children’. Why not a muslim toy store? Who knew there was such demand?

  27. I could have shortened my comment to, “there are perils to commenting as ‘anonymous.”

    Pick a screen name, stick to it, and people will begin to associate your name with a particular point of view. It makes for a better overall experience for everyone.

    And don’t knock juvenile comments. I don’t knock your hobbies!

  28. PHenry whether your post meant it or not I lol. Yeah fun loving Muslims is not what comes to my mind. I m not dragging you into this at all.

    Hey bad Brad, you closet, so you know. I’m 22, female, expert marksman. Want to know my bf too.

  29. BFH is right. Life without juvenile comments is no life at all.
    It’s like Peter and Gordon sang in 1965. I don’t care what they say I can’t live in a world without juveniles comments.

  30. Hey Anonoymous, you know what sparked my comment was a couple remarks you made that are way out of character for a gun person to make. If you’ve been lurking here for a while you probably know what I do for a living. So you should give this shit a rest. I hold little respect for the title “X Spert” marksman cause I sell to them every day. Now leave me alone my Barbies require a new outfit.

  31. But why should comments be associated with a screen name? Isn’t that a lot you agree because I’m popular? If it’s an opinion than what does the name matter? I ask because I was the “popular” girl. Everyone agreed with me, but did they.

  32. Hey bad Brad, don’t know, don’t care. Yet you threaten me? Is this ok Mja or bfh?

    Don’t understand crazy white cracker. But he’s threatening too. This is ok here?

  33. “I ask because I was the “popular” girl.”

    Popular like Homecoming Queen or popular like the girl who gives blow jobs under the bleachers at the games?

  34. Hey all you screen names, why post behind a hidden name and attack me? Why don’t you post with your real name,?

  35. You’ve been lecturing us since you showed up on this thread, but we aren’t allowed to respond?

    If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

  36. Never lectured you boo. You all attacked me then attached me for posting with no name, like yours is real. How is mine any different. Yours is fake, like your posting buddies

  37. You’re entitled to your opinions, Anonymous, but you apparently can’t handle it when someone disagrees with them.

    So because of that you rag on us for using screen names and get snotty and tell us we bring down the level of discourse by making off-color comments (that would be the LECTURING part) instead of accepting that there is a difference of opinions and moving on.

    And as your battle, you pick that we use screen names, when you remain totally anonymous. And you don’t see the irony in that? That is throwing stones while living in a glass house. Not a good idea.

    The upshot is that you claim 22, but come off as about 14 (the “popular” girl? really? LOL).

    And the word is “Angels.” Annnnnd I’m out. I’m sure I’ll see you around the interwebs because Anonymous is everywhere! 🙂

  38. Well apparently I’m not entitled to my opinion boo since this thread had more replies than any and all attacking me.

    And you make fun of the Annonymous like merry poppet is yours. Please tell me the difference. And yes I’m 22, most of you are old enough to be parents or grandparents, including you. But you try to say I act like 14. Grow up .

  39. It looks like the Russians will hack anywhere…, Boris hack me some winning powerball numbers…or anybody that types like Natasha….

  40. “And you make fun of the Annonymous like merry poppet is yours. Please tell me the difference.”

    Oh honey, there is no difference. That was my point. If you can be Anonymous, I can be Merry Poppet. If you used your real name, you could bitch about us using screen names. You did not use your real name. If you stay anonymous, you have no right to complain about us not using our real names. Is that really such a hard concept to grasp? Don’t expect us to do more than you are willing to do. Your obtuseness is breathtaking.

  41. @Anonymous, go back are re-read all your comments and look at what you did to this thread.
    People were having a good time at this party and you showed up with a big loud stinking fart.

    The article is about moslems, hence the goat sex, etc.

    Nobody’s running you off for commenting, but lighten up dude, or chick, or whatever.

    I was just going to comment but after reading the shit you started, the mood has changed. That sucks. Try a different approach next time. One that doesn’t suck so much.

  42. @Anonymous: I arrived somewhat late to this cat fight, but I went back and read the comments and it definitely looks like the wheels started coming off of this thread when you complained about the discussion going off-topic. If you are really a long time reader of IOTWR, you should already know that it can be a rare event when things stay ON topic around here, but that’s what one of the things that makes this site so much fun. You never can tell what sort of strange place you may wind up in at times. I also kinda got the impression that the vulgarity in some of the comments bothered you, but again, as a long-time IOTWR reader you should be used to seeing that. If I could offer you any advice for getting along, I would suggest for you not to be too critical of the opinions of others (unless they criticize you first, of course). If you enjoy bickering, though(and many do), feel free to fire away. As you can see, we have many excellent bickerers here.


    P.S. – Please note that I am violating one of my own principles with these remarks. As a general rule, I never respond to comments by “Anonymous” because (as was pointed out earlier) so many people default to it that you can never be sure exactly who you are talking to.

  43. Something odd about Anony’s style/syntax. Like she’s not American-born or has some deficiency. Definitely a whiner not used to feedback.

    I see many opportunities to fisk her posts, but it’s not worth the effort.

    If you post – you risk a fisk.

    Welcome to IOTWReport.

    Some long-timers may recognize me by how I communicate. Leaving it as anony for myself this time. Because! 🙂

  44. I see one more ananymous 007 post here I’m gonna shit twinkies. I mean really. What are you afraid of? It descredits any point you’re trying to make.


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