Worth Reposting – Seals and Crofts: Unborn Child

hts/ bman – tony r

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  1. Life has continued to be cheapened since that song was recorded. The left has progressed like a cancer and the republic is teetering.

  2. We gotta find a way to
    stop these commie turds
    that are tearing this country apart.
    I am tired of race crap,abortions,commie
    & socialism rot.”Social justice” whatever
    that means…Non-stop homo talk.

  3. How strange,
    I was just thinking about this album yesterday!
    I wondered about Seals and Crofts and whatever happened to them.
    Then I thought about this album and how it would be trashed by the left and probably never see the light of day during times like these.
    Strange that you posted this very album.

  4. @DI – I was just thinking about this album yesterday! –
    Yep, Strange how that stuff happens. Five weeks ago one day I thought about Jimmy Stewart,the movie Spirit of St. Louis & C. Lindbergh.
    Which I had not seen in years. Surly more than 15 years. Dang if it wasn’t on tv that night.

    (why I thought of it was probably no mystery, where I was staying for four weeks is a training area for fighter jets out of the Chesapeake Bay area. Usually we hear them once in a while, see them less often. For two weeks straight everyday, all day they were flying. Late at night too.

    And doing low passes that the guys in Benghazi could have used.

    Real attention getting when it sounds like they’re going to land on your roof. Or fly by and you see the top of the plane while looking down. Saw the ground crew twice who said the pilots were getting ready to be deployed. Training hard, maybe something big is planned. Or just getting back training time lost during BHO era and grounded aircraft)

  5. @Blink The older I get as time creeps up then passes us by, the less I believe in consequences.
    I’m more and more in the camp that things happen for a reason.


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