Would you give Walmart employees access to your home?

(Reuters) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc said on Friday it was testing a service in the Silicon Valley to deliver groceries straight to customers’ refrigerators as it looks to gain an edge over Amazon.com.

The retailer said it is partnering with August Home, a provider of smart locks and smart home accessories, to test the service. (bit.ly/2ffqqvT)

The delivery person would get access to the customer’s house using a pre-authorized one-time passcode and would put away groceries.


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  1. I like to be there if something is delivered to my house. If I can’t be there, it can wait. I don’t even like giving the Post Office access to my driveway. They’ve got some sketchy people driving sketchy cars making doorstep deliveries now. And years ago, I stopped putting mail delivery on hold while on vacation. The less they know, the better. Of course the millions who share everything on social media might disagree.

  2. I live with 3 other people that cannot seem to return items to their original location. So I’m going to buy a bunch of shit from Wal-Mart and let someone I don’t know stock it?

    Seems to me we’re coming full circle back to the days of the milk man. It’s neat to see older houses with built ins for things like trash, dairy, oil and firewood or coal. Today’s homes rarely feature these conveniences, but now everything is going back to home delivery. Maybe instead of allowing strangers into your home, manufacturers will start making things like double door refrigeration units. One door is open to the outside and the other is open to the inside, like a wood box. Grocery delivery can be done securely and avoid spoilage.

  3. I had home delivery of milk, cheese, eggs and some other assorted grocery items. They gave me a cooler to store on my covered front porch. They would deliver them to the cooler (with ice) in the afternoon, and I’d bring the cooler inside with me when I got home from work and fill up the fridge. All worked well for 7 years until I just moved. Sure hated to loose that service.

  4. I’m pretty particular about my produce and meat. If I’m the cook, which is most of the time, my wife won’t go to the store, I damn sure will not rely on wal-mart to make the same choices I would.

  5. I’m not enamored of access to my home but a plan by Walmart to use its employees to make deliveries was discussed a few months ago and I’ve been waiting to learn about its roll out.

    Walmart says every American lives within 12 miles of a Walmart. It proposed offering its employees a chance to make extra money by delivering goods on their way into work or their way home. I think this is a great idea and would gladly use it to give Amazon competition.

    Besides, the lines at Walmart are always too long and too full of non-English speaking illegal aliens using EBT accounts I pay for. No need to see that.

  6. Costco has a pretty good meat selection, plus they have a section of Prime Beef for a reasonable price. The best deal, I think is their Prime Tri-Tips for $9.00 per pound. I make a special trip to the big city for those.

  7. Jewell has had home delivery for quite some time. I never needed to take advantage of it, but would if it becomes necessary.

    I have no doubt my local INDIANA beef and pork selling butcher shop would deliver also.

  8. I am of the religion of peace, so of course I can be trusted to deliver your family’s edible products to your filthy kaffir home and you’re a racist if you won’t let me.

  9. Home delivery. I remember the bread truck that would roll through the neighborhood and stop with a Tweet tweet! We’d run outside and the driver would pull out the big drawers filled with fresh donuts.

    There was nothing more magical to a kid.

    Bread man never came in the house though.

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