WWII Week-by-Week

If you love military history, there is a new project that is going to cover the six years of WWII on a weekly basis. Over the last three years, a group of researchers, writers and producers have been providing weekly content on WWI on Youtube. Called, The Great War, the channel is one of my favorites.

Given that the 100-year anniversary of the armistice that ended WWI is due this November, the creators of The Great War are now collaborating with other online historians to raise 500,000 Euros to fund their effort to give WWII the same quality treatment. Calling themselves Time Ghost, their Kickstarter page for the WWII project is Here.

Just to give you a sample of their work, they did a short two-week daily report on the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Watch the first day of the crisis, Here

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  1. Thanks, Dr. Tar! I was just saying last night how if writers and producers would make more historic documentary-type films that are historically accurate, they’d rake it in at the box office. Conservatives love them because they already know the stories so well, and those other people love them because they don’t know anything about history and can’t prejudge it. It’s a win/win/win for everyone.

  2. WWII illustrated to the entire planet when we got bit on the ankle (Pearl Harbor) we rared back and punched just about half a planets worth of military might right in the nose. Then we set about rebuilding those belligerent player’s countries into self sustaining entities after we modified their governments into something more polite.

    We need to discard that old paradigm of war on the population of a nation. We should just target their government. Strangely, all the governments on the planet think this is just the worst idea ever.

    Wonder why?

  3. Molon Labe — I really enjoy the BBC’s “World at War”. It was a great series. Also “Victory at Sea”.

    Right now I’m listening to old BBC radio shows on YT about Churchill and the men and women who worked with him during the war. Great to listen to primary sources.


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