Yale Dean Placed on Leave over Yelp Reviews Calling People ‘White Trash’

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A Yale University dean has been placed on leave over offensive reviews she made on Yelp, including one in which she refers to customers of a local restaurant as “white trash.”

Pierson College Dean June Chu issued a public apology Saturday after reviews from her personal Yelp account began circulating at the Ivy League school.

Pierson Head Stephen Davis sent an email Thursday informing members of the residential college that Chu had been placed on leave after he discovered there were numerous “reprehensible posts,” not the two he had been led to believe existed.

“If you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you!” Chu wrote in a review of a local Japanese steakhouse.  more here

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  1. And the liberal mentality shows it’s true colors to be as judgmental and racist as they claim all white people are. I hope she ends up fired from her position, but as usual, liberals will only get a slap on the wrist for doing things that they demand the heads of white people for doing.

  2. He should have just chucked her into the deplorable basket. White trash protesting on campus, her career over.

    That last sentence is just hopeful thinking.

  3. What an incredibly pleasant woman! Eating out with her must be a joy. Even if the president doesn’t see a way forward–why not fire her??

  4. Yellow Trash … White Trash … meh …

    As Mr. Hat has pointed out, the very significance of “white” in white trash demonstrates the racism of the speaker (or writer) that all the others (negroids and mongoloids) are “trash” by the omission of the other signification.
    One NEVER hears “Black Trash” or “Spick Trash” or “Chink Trash,” now does one?
    It’s IMPLIED!


    Stupid socialist racists! Keep up with the “white” trash meme! I love it.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Racist and Elitist scum.

    “If you are white trash, this is the perfect night out for you!” Chu wrote in a review of a local Japanese steakhouse.

    Meaning: Asian food is far superior to the tastes of Caucasians, but this restaurant lowers the bar to cater to the pedestrian, unsophisticated palette of white trash (aka all white people) who don’t have the money to spend $150 on a sushi plate.

    Yes, that is what she said. I work with these types of people and they come in all colors. This personality disorder is based more on their economic / educational / family status more than race.

  6. And yet the yellow shaded Asian came voluntarily to live in white majority America! Why are these picked on minorities so intent on getting into this country and leaving behind their very own culture and folkways? If she wanted authentic Chink Chow so badly why didn’t she stay where it is the primary menu?

  7. @cato — lol! Yeah, that gobbledygook (is that racist?) that she wrote about herself is pure Progtard weaslespeak. Listening to, or reading such nonsense feels like your head is in the washing machine’s spin cycle.

    “Her biography on the Yale website said that during her career she has “sought to help students not only succeed academically but to support their holistic academic experience and multifaceted identities.”

    Who talks like that?!


  8. This woman has serious discrimination issues that are long standing. Her background shows her ill perceived ideas about what “whites” (her word, not mine) think and believe. Chu either was or is a PhD candidate in Psychology. Obviously, she should not have any job that involves people.

  9. “My $18 Japanese dinner isn’t perfect. So I’m gonna rage on the staffing, and the rest of humanity that is clearly below my status.”
    Anybody that is supposedly savvy yet doesn’t understand that in this day and age any stupid things you post can get you fired is really clueless. But I guess she gets the liberal exemption.

  10. “…deeply harmful to the community fabric”?? What perfectly fatuous academic BS!! I knew yalies back when I was in college. Perhaps the only community the administrator really knows is the yale community. The yalies I knew held the “townies” in contempt.

  11. So I guess my question would be is she suspended WITH PAY until this all dies down or is she suspended WITHOUT PAY until this all dies down? Actually judging by the Dean’s (or Chancellor) words she may actually get fired because while initially they thought only two comments were involved it seems that on further inspection there was a whole pattern of racial slurs so this bitch might actually get tossed. I wonder if she wears a yellow sheet with a pointy hat on her special nights out with her friends.

  12. if she was in a tank she’d be a chink in the armour

    I love Yelp – half my reviews are praising great places I’ve been to. The other half are me ripping into pretentious leftist asshole places like……my review of Whole Foods in Mandeville Louisiana. “Free range, biodegradable ice….”

  13. White people are about 16% (depends who you callin’ honky) of the Earth’s approximately 7 billion humanoids. WE ARE THE MINORITY. So therefore, this elitist cunt is a piefaced racist.

  14. Don’t have a problem, pretty much every Oriental I have ever worked with, known socially, sat next to was ‘superior’ it’s their culture. Some of their racism is based on fact, it works for them. They are pretty smart, no?.
    My only problem is the hypocrisy, she is a race traitor, selling out for a paycheck from a school stupid enough to give the racist a high paying job.
    Bet they are white trash, signing her check, those are the fools being played.

  15. “Uses one stick to carry two buckets of shit
    and two sticks to pick up a grain of rice.”

    (the epitome of the Oriental (mongoloid) mind)

    izlamo delenda est …

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