Young Algerian Muslim student: “We Muslims are hypocrites: Daesh, it is us.”

MFS: Sharia “invented” by Ulemas and taught in Islamic schools is the same law practiced by the Islamic State militants. The “religious jurisprudence, founded more than 10 centuries ago,” has “chained and rusted our brain and that of our children.” It is urgent to modernize the Muslim religion and free it from the ambiguities linked to the past. The courageous appeal of a young Algerian Muslim student.

After the massacre at the hands of Daesh or some Islamic terrorist, then comes the time of the game for the attributions of responsibilities. Many Western people accuse the Muslim religion; the Islamic world tries to ward off all ties between violence and Islam saying immediately: “This is not Islam.” The same happened in these days, after the terrorist attacks in Istanbul, Baghdad and Dhaka, claimed by the Islamic State in a more or less official form. Just hours after these massacres, we received this short reflection on behalf of a young Algerian (Muslim) student. He is 27-year-old and lives in France.  MORE

7 Comments on Young Algerian Muslim student: “We Muslims are hypocrites: Daesh, it is us.”

  1. If you can keep your head when all about you others
    Are losing theirs . . . he will be lucky indeed.

  2. Is he refuting the koran and hadiths which condone, command and foretell violence? If not, he’s got nothing. Source docs always trump what comes after.

  3. Sounds like taqqiya to me, telling us what we want to hear. The only way to get through their thick skulls is with 50 caliber, at the minimum.

    We need to go medieval on their asses. Men. Boys. Women. Children. Livestock. Property.

  4. Look, arguing iSlamic law or scripture or whutever is pig wrestling.
    Yer just gonna get dirty and the pig absolutely loves it!

    When yer a 7th century barbarian dedicated to indiscriminate murder, death, destruction and mayhem you will justify it any way possible. We are simply never going to win this using logic, common sense or laws. As soon as you do they just move the goal posts and say yer wrong.
    Arguing or trying to figure it out is a delaying tactic to make us feel good.
    It is totally pointless.
    If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be at these crossroads.
    We’re in a war. Deport, imprison or kill.

  5. If you want peaceful muslims, you had better decide how you want all of their bodies disposed of – because the only peaceful muslim is a dead muslim.

  6. He is calling for a Muslim version
    of “The Enlightenment” that Europe
    went through centuries ago. The
    muz are so fractured, with each
    individual Imam making his private
    interpretations of his book, that
    I don’t see how catching up for a
    thousand years in the dark closet
    of mohammadism can ever happen.


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