Your Brain Doesn’t Know It’s A Game

With increased family time over the holidays and less opportunity to spend time outdoors, there’s a pretty good chance someone is going to pull out an old board game and lay down a challenge. While we all love to win, few can handle a loss.

Neurologists are telling us now that while we know it’s just a game, our brains aren’t physiologically designed to make the distinction. We end up experiencing a loss like it’s real. More

21 Comments on Your Brain Doesn’t Know It’s A Game

  1. Who the fuck are these psychologists talking about? I’ve been able to make the distinction between losing in a game and losing for real since I was 7 years old. Board flippers are goddamn nutters and everyone knows it.

  2. When I play monopoly, I know the moneys fake, I can’t fit in the car let alone drive it. The hat doesn’t fit my head. It would take a lifetime to press my slacks with that teenie iron. Nutologists, pphhhhhtttttttt!

  3. So, since we “evolved animals” can’t distinguish games from real life then the entire world should cancel all school sports since nobody can distinguish a soccer game from combat to the death…

  4. “We end up experiencing a loss like it’s real.”

    Who the ef is ‘we’, a-hole. It’s YOU. You goddam waste of human shit.

    Oh, and Merry Christmas.

  5. He must have examined only lefties to reach this conclusion. And since they’re delusional about everything else in life this isn’t a shocker.

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