YouTube has FLAGGED and BANNED @Mr_Pinko / @IronyCurtain VIDEO for “HATE SPEECH”

YouTube has FLAGGED and BANNED @Mr_Pinko / @IronyCurtain VIDEO for “HATE SPEECH”

The ONLY PERSON SPEAKING in the VIDEO is HILLARY CLINTON! We are losing our 1st Amendment Rights people.

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31 Comments on YouTube has FLAGGED and BANNED @Mr_Pinko / @IronyCurtain VIDEO for “HATE SPEECH”

  1. If you close your eyes and listen to Hillary robotically make that statement you’d think the entire Muslim Brotherhood were holding guns to her head.

  2. Ever the optimist, I see it as the beginnings of the birth of another platform. Necessity is the mother of invention and ever thus. Didn’t we always know we’d have to come up against this?

  3. The ONLY solution is for ALL of us to download this and post it on ALL of our social media sites. I don’t like facebook, but going to post it if i can figure it out. If THOUSANDS OF US POST IT THAT WOULD BE COOL!

  4. In the coming years the 9-11 Memorials will be torn down or moved in the middle of the night to some unknown location.

    History which is contrary to the progressive/socialist far left agenda will be torn from the pages of History.

    You will be taught (programmed) by the complicit media and government that Islam is the religion of Peace. Soon the most beautiful sound on earth will be blaring from every rooftop.

  5. They should have the DOJ up their ass just for the collection of private information. They are dangerous and need to be taken apart for their intrusion and strong arm tactics.

  6. As has already been said, time to use or create another video social media platform. It’s YT’s company, they can allow or ban who they please. Doesn’t mean there can’t be competition to drive them out of business. I’d be willing to contribute a few dollars to fund a YT-
    competitor startup.

  7. This kind of censorship is suicidal.
    But, I guess that’s the intention.

    It isn’t sufficient to attempt to avert one’s eyes from evil. Evil marches on while we pretend not to see it.

    Ignorance is Bliss. We (Western Civilization) really have grown pathetic.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Shared on fb. Let’s see how long that will last – if it gets yanked from your server somehow, I’ll repost it, since I downloaded it.
    The first link wouldn’t play – says “Video format or MIME type is not supported.”

    Google owns YouTube

    Google is the strongest advocate for NET NEUTRALITY. Net neutrality rules that Internet providers such as your ComCasts and AT&Ts (who make huge $$$ investments in the Internet’s pipes) cannot block content from content providers, nor favor any content providers – even if they own their own content provider. In fact, the Internet providers cannot charge for access to the Internet pipes.

    So how can Google advocate for a free and open Internet on one hand, then turn around and be one of the worst companies squelching free speech on the other?

    – Like threaten their net neutrality

  10. I hate that argument that that’s their company and they can do what they want. Bell Telephone was their company and they could’t do what they want. GM was their company and they couldn’t do what they want.
    These companies today have a grip on their industry unlike anything before and to let them censor, propagandize, and commit fraud on the public IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  11. Real history and evidence that exposes that cunt Hillary for the vile pay to play piece of shit she actually is is now considered “hate speech” in order to justify scrubbing it from YouTube and therefore from the majority of bandwidth for what is real recent history. This is how Silicon Valley progressives operate… pushing false narratives and suppressing real information.

  12. About the comparison to Ma Bell: Remember, toward the end of their monopoly the refrain was “We’re the phone company. We don’t care because we don’t have to.” I suspect Google/FB/YT will have to repeat history because none of their execs learned from it.

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