You’ve Come a Long Way Baby – Cal State Offers Segregated Housing For Blacks

College Fix-

California State University Los Angeles recently rolled out segregated housing for black students.

The arrangement comes roughly nine months after the university’s Black Student Union issued a set of demands in response to what its members contend are frequent “racist attacks” on campus, such as “racially insensitive remarks” and “microaggressions” by professors and students. One demand was for a “CSLA housing space delegated for Black students.”

“[It] would provide a cheaper alternative housing solution for Black students. This space would also serve as a safe space for Black CSLA students to congregate, connect, and learn from each other,” the demand letter stated.

The newly debuted Halisi Scholars Black Living-Learning Community “focuses on academic excellence and learning experiences that are inclusive and non-discriminatory,” Cal State LA spokesman Robert Lopez told The College Fix via email.

The public university has 192 furnished apartments in a residential complex on campus, and the Halisi community will be located there, Lopez said, adding it joins other themed living-learning communities already housed there.


18 Comments on You’ve Come a Long Way Baby – Cal State Offers Segregated Housing For Blacks

  1. Works for me.

    Does this mean that blacks will now have classes with no white people in them too? Separate lunch rooms? Bathrooms? Laundries? Newspapers? Grocery stores…. see where this is heading?

    And why not just go full tilt and have separate colleges?

  2. They’re going to learn from each other because it works so well already in places like Chicago.

    inclusive and non-discriminatory [As long as you’re black].

  3. Segregation in public schools is illegal and this is a publicly funded school. Throw out Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Briggs v. Elliot, Davis v. Board of Education of Prince Edward County (VA.), Boiling v. Sharpe, and Gebhart v. Ethel.
    Who cares?
    What I wanna’ know is where da white people housing at?

  4. Hilarious! 60 years of civil rights
    battling comes back down to where it started.”Segregation”. The KKK wins!
    It’s like watching a football game
    where the black team runs the ball
    back into its own end zone.

  5. @John. Exactly and well put. What does this say for Biden’s ‘chains’ comments?

    All of the civil rights leaders and former slaves in heaven, must be stomping their feet! Oh well, stupid is as stupid does. You can lead a horse to water (freedom), but you just can’t make it drink (free) unless it wants to drink.

  6. A spokesperson for the ACLU stated they would bring a discrimination suit against the school as soon as a white person is denied admittance. So far, no takers.

    The jokes write themselves.

  7. @Sam neverhillary: “You can lead a horse to water (freedom), but you just can’t make it drink (free) unless it wants to drink.”

    That’s not true, liberals can lead a horse to water AND make it drink, but it takes three of them. Two to hold the horse’s head underwater and one to suck on the horse’s ass.

  8. DjKimro September 7, 2016 at 9:11 am

    We got rid of the Jim Crow laws so we could institute Sambo Crow laws in their stead!


    Did you know that there’s still a Sambos restaurant still around? It’s located in Santa Barbara, CA. I about fell off the sidewalk when I saw it.

    Things worked better when we had segregation. No matter how you make things, blacks will never be white.

  9. Of course, when the all black dorms turn into a fucking zoo because… after all… negroes will be negroes… They’ll still blame white people because logic and personal responsibility are alien concepts to the BLM crowd.

  10. The white students should immediately petition for a whites-only dorm. It’s a response to the frequent “racist attacks” on campus such a racially insensitive remarks (honkey, crakuh) and microagressions (affirmative action placement of unqualified ‘students’) by professors (white privilege, various “studies”, etc.) and students (knockout game, BLM harassments). It would provide a safe space for white students to congregate, connect, and learn from each other without tiptoe-ing around every topic for fear of the aggressive behavior of POC who constantly look for someone to blame for their self-inflicted problems.

    But of course that will never happen because that would be racist.

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